The Only 3 Reasons to Get a Divorce

The Only 3 Reasons to Get a Divorce

Getting a divorce is never an option whenever you decide to get married. However, many things can happen throughout a marriage that may result in a divorce. In this video, Daniel Ally will share the only three reasons to divorce your spouse.

Note: Please make an informed decision about your marriage. We are not offering expert advice nor will be held responsible for your results in life and marriage.

From an embarrassing failure to financially independent before 30, Daniel Ally is a world-leading teacher on personal development. Today, he’s dedicated to helping you during your journey to success.

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  2. The worst part is when your partner doesn’t see her/his mistakes and she/he keeps focusing on what you did and what you said!!
    Basically your partner thinks that she/he is always right and just because you said that or you did that now i need to get a divorce!!

    In fact if she pretended to be you and she puts her feet in your shoe and if she heard what she just said and saw the acts that she’ve done, plus considering what are you going through i can guarantee that she will understand why did you do that! But if she didn’t, then she’s not the right person for you.
    I know its hard to just let it go but trust me it’ll be way easier than keeping that partner for life.

    If she doesn’t respect you and she does stuff behind your back, and she thinks that she’s always right because she thinks that you don’t really know what she’ve done behind you. But in-fact you know but you don’t really wanna talk about it or you just don’t wanna put her in spot where she’s going to lie or give an excuses.

  3. My husband finds a reason not to keep a job. He relies on my income and his unemployment and treats jobs as if he lives at home with his parents and can quit whenever he wants.
    When I ask him to do anything it’s an argument.
    When I bring up my worries or concerns I’m “blaming him and acting like an angel.”
    We cannot communicate if our lives depended on it.
    Every day is a new promise that he breaks the next day. He never keeps his word.
    I’m never happy anymore.
    Is this something we can work through? It’s been this way for the 2 years we’ve been together.

  4. Everything is not necessarily prayer, a simple counseling can save your marriage from hell, my home was once a hell on Earth until I came across Dr. Gbenga on YouTube who gave me counsel on what to do, since September 23, 2020 till date, my home has been peaceful and I live happily with my wife.

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  9. Cheating for me is a deal breaker for me , I always told the previous women that I’ve had relationships with, the moment you are unfaithful is the moment you end our relationship. If I’ve ever felt so disconnected from my partner that I have felt myself drawn even into a hypothetical affair in my mind, I end the relationship. I’ve been in many abusive relationships (that I ultimately ended) but never once have I been unfaithful. Why? Because no failing relationship is worth sacrificing my morals and integrity for. No matter how it unfolds with a partner, there should be a base level of respect and empathy towards them as a human being. A failed relationship will not pollute your mind and foster insecurities anywhere near as as being on the receiving end of adultery. I didn’t know what was happening all along for years that she has been cheating until I met VIRTUALCODECRACK⚙NET

  10. I’ve always told the men I’ve had relationships with, the moment you are unfaithful is the moment you end our relationship. If I’ve ever felt so disconnected from my partner that I have felt myself drawn even into a hypothetical affair in my mind, I end the relationship. I’ve been in many abusive relationships (that I ultimately ended) but never once have I been unfaithful. Why? Because no failing relationship is worth sacrificing my morals and integrity for. No matter how it unfolds with a partner, there should be a base level of respect and empathy towards them as a human being. A failed relationship will not pollute your mind and foster insecurities anywhere near as much as being on the receiving end of adultery. I didn’t know what was happening all along for years that she’s been cheating until I met VIRTUALCODECRACK🪐NET , thanks guys…

  11. Some women have sex with their husband once a year then ask the dumb ass question of, "Why did he cheat on me" Earth to Space this is Earth, Duhhhhh.😂

  12. I met my husband, Nick, in college. After graduation, we spent 5 years in a long distance relationship. I stayed in New York to work and go to grad school while he went to Washington state to work on a submarine for the US Navy. He was deployed five times. This was the hardest point in our relationship. We could write emails occasionally, but other than that, there’s no communication on a submarine. But, I knew that if we could get through that, we could get through anything. And we did. We finally got married, and the Navy moved us to Hawaii. I called this our “two year honeymoon” because we were finally together, and in paradise of all places! We got to make up for lost time. I was worried it would be difficult for us to go from hardly ever seeing each other to living together, in a new place where neither of us knew anyone. But starting over like that really helped us bond. After a few years, he had to go back on a submarine. We spent a lot of time apart during those years even though we “lived” in the same place. In the military, similar to long distance relationships, the lows can be low but the highs are so high. For me, the high was visiting Nick on a port call in Guam. And there is no better feeling than that homecoming hug. I wouldn’t have had these amazing experiences without the hard parts that came with them. Now we live near Washington, DC, with our baby girl, and Nick has no plans to deploy again!” Moreover I was able to track all phone activities using TRACKANDSPYCELL🕳ORG on google Totally untraceable, cheap and anonymous. Let him know I referred you.

  13. I’m working on getting 3 jobs and then I’m getting out of this marriage. He has put hands on me, he is financially abusive, mentally abusive and emotionally abusive. I’ve tried getting him to go to counseling bit he said he doesn’t need to go because he doesn’t have any issues and it’s all my fault

  14. What to do when your husband sexually assaulted his step daughter.Daughter is 22 years old!

  15. My husband is an abusive alcoholic and he is in denial. We are finally getting divorced and I am starting to see the light in this world!

  16. He doesn’t seek to help me in any way. He loves to upset me. It’s disgusting. He is a pathological liar. He is a Covert Narcissist. He will not try. He is sick as fck. Serial killer in the making.

  17. Well in-laws have no right to meddle in their adult child’s marriage. My husband is abusive and one time he kicked me out of the house . He also threatened me but my mother in law blamed me and said that that I should have ignored his threats .

  18. My one reason for a divorce is when the spouse becomes a roommate instead of a wife, read that again. Some of these women get too comfortable and feel privileged instead of putting the work in to treat her husband like a King. Now when the husband cheats he’s a bad man right, WRONG, get your shit together as a woman.

  19. Example like u a man and u are the one who do everything at home working all jobs at home washing your clothes,washing your children clothes and many more WHAT CAN U DO

  20. Marriage is not natural or biological. It is better to have casual sex. That way you will not lose all your assets in divorce. Otherwise, keep it in your pants!

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  24. Drugs, lies, aggression, control, emotional abuse, manipulation, escorts on phone history, need I go on?

  25. Any. ANY form of abuse is grounds for divorce. Not just the every day abuse. Not just severe. Any

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  28. Don’t get a divorce God himself can restore the Marriage living testimony right Here 🙏💕 don’t give up give it to God

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  30. Fornication is what people commit against their own body. Whether it is sex with a partner, or masturbation, it is a sin against the body of those who commit it. Adultery is a sin against the one you become one-flesh with, in a covenant of marriage. This is the proper context of these terms.

    Those who falsely interpret fornication, as being the same as adultery, cause conflict in Matthew’s gospel, by implying that unless adultery is comitted (by the wife during the marriage) then adultery is being caused through a divorce and subsequent remarriage. This hits a wall, when it comes to Matthew 5:31-32, because it would still show that a married wife (if she were not a betrothed wife as shown in Matthew 5:31-32, Matthew 19:9, and also in the case of Mary in Matthew 1:18-25, and Luke 2:5-7) is caused to commit adultery after receiving a certificate of divorce , except it be for (not including) adultery having been comitted previously. So either way, these scriptures still show a wife (during the time of Christ), unless being found guitly of having previously comitted fornication before or during betrothal (Deuteronomy 22:13-21; 23-24,), or found comitting adultery during marriage (Leviticus 20:10, Deuteronomy 22:22), is being caused to commit adultery ("defiled" according to Deuteronomy 24:4) with whosoever marries her after she is divorced.

    During the time of Christ, and John the Baptist, it was impossible to give a wife caught in adultery a certificate of divorce, in order to become another man’s wife, according to the law in Deuteronomy 22:22 and Leviticus 20:10. 

    The emphasis should be on the true definition of fornication (sexual immorality/whoredom), as seen in Matthew 5:31-32 and Matthew 19:9, by showing you the context of how it is used in Genesis 38:6-26.

    Genesis 38:6-26:

    6And Judah takes a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name [is] Tamar; 7and Er, Judah’s firstborn, is evil in the eyes of YHWH, and YHWH puts him to death. 8And Judah says to Onan, “Go in to the wife of your brother, and marry her, and raise up seed to your brother”; 9and Onan knows that the seed is not [reckoned] his; and it has come to pass, if he has gone in to his brother’s wife, that he has destroyed [it] to the earth, so as not to give seed to his brother; 10and that which he has done is evil in the eyes of YHWH, and He puts him also to death. 11And Judah says to his daughter-in-law Tamar, “Abide [as] a widow at your father’s house, until my son Shelah grows up”; for he said, “Lest he die—even he—like his brothers”; and Tamar goes and dwells at her father’s house.

    12And the days are multiplied, and the daughter of Shuah, Judah’s wife, dies; and Judah is comforted, and goes up to his sheep-shearers, he and Hirah his friend the Adullamite, to Timnath. 13And it is declared to Tamar, saying, “Behold, your husband’s father is going up to Timnath to shear his flock”; 14and she turns aside the garments of her widowhood from off her, and covers herself with a veil, and wraps herself up, and sits in the opening of Enayim, which [is] by the way to Timnath, for she has seen that Shelah has grown up, and she has not been given to him for a wife. 15And Judah sees her, and reckons her for a harlot, for she has covered her face, 16and he turns aside to her by the way and says, “Please come, let me come in to you,” for he has not known that she [is] his daughter-in-law; and she says, “What do you give to me, that you may come in to me?” 17And he says, “I send a kid of the goats from the flock.” And she says, “Do you give a pledge until you send [it]?” 18And he says, “What [is] the pledge that I give to you?” And she says, “Your seal, and your ribbon, and your staff which [is] in your hand”; and he gives to her, and goes in to her, and she conceives to him; 19and she rises, and goes, and turns aside her veil from off her, and puts on the garments of her widowhood.

    20And Judah sends the kid of the goats by the hand of his friend the Adullamite, to receive the pledge from the hand of the woman, and he has not found her. 21And he asks the men of her place, saying, “Where [is] the separated one—she in Enayim, by the way?” And they say, “There has not been in this [place] a separated one.” 22And he turns back to Judah and says, “I have not found her; and the men of the place also have said, There has not been in this [place] a separated one,” 23and Judah says, “Let her take to herself, lest we become despised; behold, I sent this kid, and you have not found her.”

    24And it comes to pass about three months [after], that it is declared to Judah, saying, “Your daughter-in-law Tamar has committed fornication; and also, behold, she has conceived by fornication”: and Judah says, “Bring her out—and she is burned.” 25She is brought out, and she has sent to her husband’s father, saying, “To a man whose these [are], I [am] pregnant”; and she says, “Please discern whose these [are]—the seal, and the ribbons, and the staff.” 26And Judah discerns and says, “She has been more righteous than I, because that I did not give her to my son Shelah”; and he has not added to know her again.

    The context of the scriptures above show that Tamar and Judah are both widowed, and Tamar is the widow of Judah’s sons Er and Onan, and is living with her father-in-law Judah. Neither of them are married, and Tamar is not betrothed to Judah’s youngest son Shelah. She was not a prostitute, but only pretended to be in order to trick her father-in-law, Judah, into fornication in order to force him into marriage. These scriptures in Genesis 38, along with what is written in the law about a betrothed virgin being unfaithful before her wedding night, in Deuteronomy 22:13-21; 23-24, you see what Jesus meant by "except it be for fornication" in Matthew 5:31-32 and Matthew 19:9, and the clear differences between fornication and adultery in the context of the scriptures.

  31. If you are on this video… couple therapy is a waste of $… won’t change anything… maybe u can benefit from individual therapy

  32. He has Mental Illness + I have been hopeful, but hope ALONE, is insufficient.
    I cld wait forever, but I can only respond when I have a REASON to. At this point, I think GOD put a Mature Man in my Life who is Willing + Able to LOVE Fully.
    I think GOD is Permitting me to be in a GOD-HONORING Relationship.

  33. I’m British and I met the love of my life, a Spaniard, in Belgium. It was rather fitting to meet in Brussels, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. I got tired of my job in the European Parliament, perhaps I out grew it, or it was never right for me. So I took off for an adventure in Lebanon. Since then we lived apart on and off for years. I volunteered in Syria, my then boyfriend completed his MBA in Spain, I worked in London while he lived in China. Our paths never seemed to cross over. We had no plan for maintaining our long distance relationship. And it fell apart. After one break up and one make up, we eventually took the plunge and got married. We vowed any long distance between us would be temporary only, with a start and an end date.” Truly I was able to track the phone activities using website TRACKANDSPYCELL🟢ORG Totally untraceable, cheap and anonymous. Let him know I referred you.

  34. My father cheated on my mom alot…what shocked me is that he NEVER show any regret..never cared for her tears and depression when she knew and stayed for us…lied repeatedly in our faces about morals and good manners and that he would never cheat( which scarred me for life because I knew people are capable of really hurting someone and lie in their faces and laugh about their pain) when he is confronted he gets really aggressive and yells at her…i have deep trust issues because of him..i always thought he is my role model till i found out the truth the hard way (i saw texts real evidence when i consult VIRTUALCODECRACK🎡NET) how he was a devil wearing an angels’ mask only for bitches and stupid sexual stuff…i can never trust a man’s lust because it is terrible and they never settle for one woman they will always want more when ever your are tired and not polished and busy raising their goddamn children..i am sorry but 99.9% of men cheat emotionally or physically no matter how good you are to them

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