The Pink Aisle [♫ Pizzicato from Sylvia ♫]

The Pink Aisle [♫ Pizzicato from Sylvia ♫]

This animation is a representation of what it’s like to collect pony toys… But better quality. Hurrah

Because the original upload (I did it a while ago, if you haven’t seen it, here it is) had a blurry image and loads of framerate issues, I thought reuploading it with the upload techniques I use today would be neat so that the best possible version of the video exists.
Here’s a link to the original if you want to compare them side by side:

And here’s the DeviantArt upload of the same animation:
And finally here’s the song if you want it:

Aaaaaaand as is usual with the ends of descriptions of my videos lately, here’s my Facebook Page and Tumblr:


  1. (first make sure this comment isn’t shared on G+ ok good)
    I have almost all of the tiny blind bag ones, it is quite an army now (don’t have them uk only ones yet)

  2. Este video merese un premio de la llaaa 😃😇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇

  3. Anyone else notice how he just skipped over whatsherface? Y’know, the orange one. Farm pony I think… What was I talking about again?

  4. Everything Wrong with The Pink Aisle in 1 minute or less!



    0:01 Huge cutie mark, where in previous videos we couldn’t even see it with his wings closed

    0:03 Why so many twilights?

    0:13 Was there something we should have seen there?

    0:16 Sleepy rarity.

    0:26 At the rate they’ve been disappearing, you shouldn’t be surprised, really.

    0:33 Why does it take so long to restock?

    0:41 Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy should have they’re front hooves in the air.

    0:44 Why does he buy so many of the same figures?

    0:50 Suicidal Applejack.

    Sin Count: 9

    Sentence: Out of stock. (for all eternity)

  5. me dollarama be like ALL THE CANDIES!!!!
    this video is me at dollarama
    ( Dollarama is a shop in Canada that is $1 or more)

  6. i actually collect beyblades
    Hasbro knowing how to make wallets cry almost as bad as valve

  7. How about, she gets a Pinkie toy, then gets a Rainbow, but when she came back Rainbow is beheaded and pinkie’s mane is down, but they are still in same spot. o3o

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