Following the strong interest of her TikTok video, mum has decided to expand on this subject and delve into common misconceptions and opinions. Please leave a comment down below if you have any further questions, mum woud be happy to answer.

This is information and NOT advice

Tracey is a Family Solicitor in England & Wales


  1. We split our assets at the point of divorce due to our young children house etc. Finances were declared do I still need a clean break order

  2. How funny that I should be seeing this now, stage 4 tomorrow, doing my homework Trace x 👑👩‍⚖️

  3. Hello. Can it be possible to make a financial claim with legal separation not divorce?? Please please reply.

  4. Could you kindly advise of how to get my husband retirement compensation in our settlement ( married 25 Y) my share 50% . he is a consultant neurosurgeon for NHS . This is separate money from the pension which I am already in . It is a month paid x each working year = mega money at the time of retirement life pension but not
    Thank you

  5. Sorry this video has confused me. At what stage does the financial forms need to be submitted. Do they need to submitted with the divorce petition or later

  6. Sadly, you may have ex who chooses to not negotiate because he wants you to incur more legal costs!
    Court case where ex submitted lies on court papers. In court, refuses to be thoughtful as kids involved. Ex doesn’t care as he did not bring FO to court even though he wants to enjoy life with fiance (but tells judge he lives with woman and has a separate room 🙄)
    As he has not paid court costs, he’s wanting to make mother if his kids suffer with more debt.
    Why do courts not penalise folk like this? He’s doing things out of spite. Never paid for kids or mortgage.

  7. Can my husbands ex wife claim for financial support against the house ect if he’s remarried?? And if im on the mortgage?

  8. What’s the risk of not doing the financial order? If he decides to do this process later on, is he entitled to more somehow?

  9. I have a MIAM certificate for child related matters. Do I need a separate MIAM and certificate for financial arrangements?

  10. What if I just want to simply draw the line what’s his is his I don’t wish to claim anything and don’t expect him to have any claim on any future assets. Why would I go into all the trouble of chasing the ex to disclose all and waste money on court applications , please help , thanks

  11. So what happened if your married is a shame married my husband only married me to try to get he’s stay in the UK he’s as not got he’s stay yet and i have metal health problems and my husband was really horrible to me i have told the police and the home office the police are looking for him and the home office is going to send him back to Algeria because he as no right in the UK London

  12. My ex has refused to pay any child maintenance since separation, getting on for 2 years now. Still negotiating through solicitors on the financial agreement. Can I apply to the CMS for maintenance or as my solicitor alludes to, await the financial agreement.

  13. This is a very brief overview of the procedure and doesn’t mention the possibility of contested hearings, FDR hearing or more importantly the huge amount of work and expense of a final hearing.

    Having gone through the process for a year my advice is to get a good solicitor and barrister. They could end up saving you money depending on the amount being contested.

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