The real way: How to find out if someone is divorced. Training for Private Investigators.

The real way: How to find out if someone is divorced. Training for Private Investigators.

I can’t believe the number of websites teaching “how to tell if someone’s divorced” and teaching a lot about clues and nothing about facts!

This week I teach where and how to find real public records for free so you can find if someone is really divorced.

This video is intended as training for private investigators.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

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  1. Larry, thanks so much for sharing this information. I love the rant at the end as that stuff eats away at me. Quick question… We are based in California and do quite a bit of work for Family Lawyers. One challenge we face is that the Recorder’s Offices in California have made it very difficult to research marriage licenses. They limit access unless it is your own marriage certificate you are wanting to pull. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with this? Thank you.

  2. Good video and information, Larry. Thank you. I’m researching the validity of my marriage. My ex–wife was previously married, but I don’t know where to start researching her divorce before she married me. What is you don’t have a city, county or State to begin? I’m at a loss. Can you provide any insight? Thanks.

  3. Well done Larry. I’ve seen so many BS Investigator advice and thought about debunking each. Coming from the UK, It’s a similar process, just with a few difficulties added in. Great advice and hope your new venture goes well for you. Take care & stay safe in these strange times.

  4. Hello Larry and thank you for posting these helpful videos. I am new to the PI business. In New York State, to obtain marriage/divorce records, only the spouse or by court order can obtain these records as per the NYS website. However, some websites claim they can obtain this information which is a contradiction from state policy. Can you elaborate on this for NYS. Thanks

  5. Gd mning even though i listen yo ur video how do i know if he devorce me i habe marriage lincense i also heard he remarried

  6. Great video! I am currently trying to see if my foreign fiancé’s husband/ex (who is also foreign, but now living in the states) divorced her or not. We are pretty sure he got remarried in New Jersey but need to find out if he filed for divorce before we go ahead with our marriage.

  7. Can i prove to the SS office I have never had a Divorced by using these rolls? I have sent to the clerks office a few times with no answer.

  8. Larry, what is the best source to learn of someone’s criminal history? I’m trying to verify charges against a man accused of child molestation. Thanks very much!

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