1. Grandparents did it to me with dcf, well checks,paid neighbors. Got him too, now I got to fight them . Dad died and they’re erasing me. God help me.

  2. This is great advice. I was a product of divorce in the 70’s. I was 7 when my parents divorced. My dad was then with another women a year later in 1978. The damage that was done to me from the trauma and not growing up in a wholesome family with parents that loved each other caused damage to me and stunted my growth. I don’t think a child recovers from this. Then throw on top that I then had a step mom who never had kids and I could tell she resented me and my sister. Then my mom never recovered, never remarried and was and still is poor into her 70’s. I have lingering resentment and anger to both my parents. Sometimes I scare myself how pissed off I am to this day how it ruined my childhood and fucked me up mentally. Divorce is very damaging to children and for the most part I think does irreversible damage that changes their path in life and really sets them up for a rough life.

  3. when you say "your kid" are you talking about a child? teenager? And Im wondering… if you recognize that two parents who cant get along, cant reasonably co-parent, what are you doing (as a professional) to reform family court? What is this video about?

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