The Sad Way Sarah Palin Learned Her Husband Wanted A Divorce

The Sad Way Sarah Palin Learned Her Husband Wanted A Divorce

Sarah Palin became internationally famous in the election that led to Barack Obama’s first Presidential term. Before this, however, Palin was the governor of Alaska, and before that a wife and mother. It’s Palin’s home life that may have been hit the hardest as the Governor sought further success in the Republican Party, and Palin eventually divorced her husband in 2020 after more than 30 years, a move that her ex actually initiated. Palin’s relationship with her husband was apparently not the happiest, especially toward the end, but she still didn’t see it coming. Here’s the sad way Sarah Palin learned her husband wanted a divorce.

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  1. Yea, Todd decided to take the easy way out.. he bailed on the mother of a large family. I don’t respect him at all.

  2. The email was the “FIRST”legal notification.
    Because she doesn’t listen to him any better than any other selfish narcissist.
    I like her politics though.

  3. Now she has COVID while eating in restaurants with her new retired hockey player who got violent with 2 reporters filming them eating while she is COVID POSITIVE. Who feels sorry for that???

  4. RINO McCain was the Republican Party’s greatest mistake not Sarah. She was however in no way qualified for the VP position. Just like Brandon wasn’t VP material and why the Kenyan Muslim urged him not to run for the presidency and his quote, "Never underestimate Joe’s ability to FUCK things up" was an omen.

  5. Wow… I figured She was single back when She was in a seemingly highly visible manner, running around with tRumpooteer Ted Nugent Caribou hunting in East Alaska. I believe this occurred after her unsuccessful run for Vice-president. Oh and after that she flaked and bailed on the people of Alaska. WOW. I wonder what that was really about? 🤔 In twenty seventeen She brought tRurrible Ted and back’ards hat Kid Rock along to visit then POTUS Orange Face Extraordinaire Donald J tRump in the Oval Office. Ted and the Kid brought along their partners so their was probably no hanky panky then, right? When She was hunting with Cat… Scratch… Fever… Ted Her husband was also present. Wango the Tango!! WANGO TANGO!!

  6. Sarah is a star, she out-shone John McCain easily, she was the more substancial half of that ticket. His few fans hated her from the start, they wanted her destroyed early on. They were the now-famous Deep State, the Swamp.

  7. She gave him herpys , that was a gift from Trump. And some vaginal warts also. I would leave her also Rumor is that she did a brown bear in the back yard also. Something smells fishy.

  8. It’s to bad she found out that way but I guess he was done. She now has a nice boyfriend famous hockey player. She has her career and hopefully they can work together to raise their son.

  9. Sarah must be a slob for her husband to divorce her. Her family has been in so many criminal family fights. The son and father fighting against each other’ Bristal having all those loose babies with different guys (where’s their family values at, that THEY claimed they had?) Sarah was just a big mouth, dumb as a ton of bricks…how, she is really a NOTHING!

  10. Women… She was probably incredibly demanding and he tried please her in many waysto avoid confrontation.
    Hence no one from outside would see the problem.
    She would talk about counseling and not listen to him when he was talking about their issues.
    He gave up talking to deaf ears.

  11. It is truly pathetic how all these strangers think this stuff is any of their business. This should be a private matter between Sarah, Todd and the producers of the reality show they will be making about their divorce.

  12. the examination of 3,000 counties across the United States found people in places that voted for Mr Trump by at least 60 per cent had about times the death rate of counties that voted for Joe Biden by the same measure. Sarah Palin is Killing Republicans in her State. Démocrates are smart enough to get vaccinated and wear masks. Hope families of people who dies in her state will held her accountable for those public comments that kill people

  13. Same thing happened to me. I was grief stricken and it took 4 years to get my head straightened out. You never get over this.


  15. This is pure pablum. Those two haven’t lived together for years. Others have documented their fights, which were vulgar and violent. This comes as a surprise only to Sarah.

  16. People are shallow these days. Many boys want to try someone younger when a woman doesn’t look like a girl anymore. The you tube commentary sounded very biased and insulting in the video…

  17. You have to be careful when you put your Political career over your marriage or relationship. Popularity went to her head. She definitely doesn’t deal or know Facts. How she was ever a VP contender is beyond me. She seems to do anything to stay in the News. Anytime you have a candidate who was elected and they quit their position (as Governor) for anything but to save your marriage then you have a problem. Marriage and family is more important than Any political career. Glad Todd is moving on.

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