The Special Route On Marriage Counselling (GTA 5 Glitch)

The Special Route On Marriage Counselling (GTA 5 Glitch)

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  1. Like, I know you learn all this while speedrunning, but like, how? I have no clue how you’d ever be able to find this route. Like, good job dude, damn good job

  2. This over here is content! Short and Crisp, straight to the point without BS…. Keep doin this!!

  3. I guess there is a trigger spawn zone on the street, and that zone is particularly placed on the road, while you can avoid it with that route

  4. Ok so what did we learn? If those gangsters didn’t normally try to kill them, the conversation would continue and Franklin does a hilarious impression lol

  5. i have done this when i first did the mission back then i was wondering why no one came then i found out it was a glitch . then i did the mission again

  6. I think it’s not necessarily that way. But I guess that’s one way of doing it. It also happened to me.

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