The Top 5 Effects Of Divorce On Children

The Top 5 Effects Of Divorce On Children

We all know that eventually some people grow apart, and eventually end up in divorce. It may be a sad time but sometimes it is for the best. But what about the children? What happens to them and what are the effects of a divorce on them? Let’s talk about that in today’s episode.

00:16 Uncertainty
01:55 Conflict of loyalties
04:47 Reconciliation fantasies
07:30 Alienation
09:43 Keep this in mind

How To Deal With Parental Alienation

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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  1. Great message! Although sometimes a child ( now an adult) wishes that his parent got divorced because of the mental and even physical abuse of a spouse in front of the child

  2. I left 10 weeks ago my abusive husband. For 16 years i was married to quiet abusive man with narcissistic disorder i wasn’t aware of it. How help my 13 years old daughter? Looks like she is better with out but she is very frustrated with him and our new place. We are in transition house and we will be here for a bit.

  3. Can confirm topics discussed here to be true. I was the child, now 25 and still trying to figure things out. My father has issues with alcohol and made some other mistakes along the way and my mother generally set an image that my father should be distanced and alienated but listening to this video made me think if that was the right thing to do on her part, even if my father was how he was. Currently I am confused about the negative thoughts towards my father, are they really mine or just programmed onto me? My father has and still is trying to build and revive relationships with me and I am confused weather I want things to stay drifted apart as they were or to give it a chance? A lot to consider with either path. What should I focus on in my self and with my parents?

  4. Thank you so much for making this video. I will continue to have integrity and do the best for my child.

  5. when i was born…….
    my dad mitchell was 16 years 5 months old
    my mum jacqueline was 16 years 10 months old
    they were never married or lived together
    i’m 29 now
    but i can relate to your conversation
    love to pop by your channel and watch a video
    rachel from queensland australia

  6. We probably did all of these during our divorce. A year on and we are doing better but good to have it reinforced by an expert.

  7. Are the effects milder if the divorce has taken place before the child is born or before the child is a one year old?

  8. I totally get not liking an ex, but I can say that listening to a parent talk ill of another parent is profoundly hurtful

  9. My son worrying about me he sometimes asking me what if I dead ,many times he wake up and told me he saw that on his nightmare , I am adivorce and because of studying abroad I left him with my mother, sorry I forgot to thank you about your video , please tell me how to make him feel safe

  10. Well explained. In each of the point explained, I could feel what the kids would have been going through.

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