1. This is super good advise with me i am more ok with my husband being in a relationship with someone else with a new baby but right now i cannot even imagine me trusting anyone again i knew my husband since i was 2 years old

  2. I’m om phase non cause she left a note not even giving me any sense of closure or finality just a screw u so I wudnt even know where to begin its hard wen u don’t even know

  3. Thank you, I needed this advice. I’m so heartbroken. He filed on Valentine’s Day a week after we talked about working on it and made love on the beach. Is he the devil? Idk, but he’s not with anyone so I can’t get to the second, I will just work on the first.

  4. I’ve been divorced nearly two years after 40 years. I’m still living at my daughters and haven’t moved on. I can afford to live in the town my kids live and will have to move hundreds of miles away to a more affordable area (UK) I’m scared…frightened…broken…how can I move, physically and mentally.please help!??????

  5. Absolutely! So many women are left with low self-esteem after a divorce and not in a place where they can easily trust again. It is absolutely a key step as you describe and often one of the hardest to reach. When we can allow ourselves to feel vulnerable again we can know we have reached a turning point. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Why is it that during our marriage I had so much resentment and didn’t care about the thought of him moving on to another rship so long as he wasn’t my problem anymore
    But as soon as I learnt of his new relationship, I was in shock and disbelief . It has been 2 years since our split and I am still very emotionally fragile.
    I do not want to get back with him then why is it affecting me so much that I break down almost on a daily basis?

  7. Hi. I am in the process of a divorce after my husband of 40 years just left me 2 months ago. He just told me on a Sunday morning that he no longer loved me and moved out the next day. I can never forgive him for this hurt after so many years and never knowing that he felt this way. I am still in shock as are our adult children and extended family. I want to move on and do not want to see him ever again. I cry everyday

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  9. But how ? You gave two reasons but how we go about and realize/implement those two steps in a practical way.

  10. I am slowly accepting that he has moved on. My heart longs for someone I can be vulnerable with because at the moment I cannot afford therapy. I just have everything killing me inside

  11. The only way to move on from a divorce( IF you loved them) Is….if you fall in love again…….WITHOUT actually looking for love..I am divorced 13 years now and yet to fall in love again…the RIGHT person is out there for everybody…but you dont ALWAYS find them.

  12. I’m still denying that she’s really gone. There was so much love for so long, I don’t understand how it can be over. This hurts to hear, but your advice is sound. Thank you.

  13. Exactly… it’s been 2 years….. two kids….. I’m happy if he has someone and if my kids like her. But I really miss kids when they are with him as we share custody. They are 10 and 6. I wonder how they’re coping with the divorce. The younger one will still ask why.

  14. The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Without becoming intimately vulnerable with who we are, our history, our victories and losses, and accepting the fullness of our being, we can’t move on and be open and real with anyone else, nor can we be open to accept someone else as they are. Accepting oneself is not a goal but a journey built on small daily steps.

  15. Not acceptable as being single for sometime longer is much better after or while going through divorce .

  16. i’ve already detached myself and i am happy for him and his happiness is not mine and he is not mine… but no way do i want a new relationship. not because i don’t want to be hurt and vulnerable but because… well what for? i’m happier alone than in relationships, generally.

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