'The worst case I've ever seen' – Judge gives 3 life sentences to man who killed child, girlfriend

'The worst case I've ever seen' – Judge gives 3 life sentences to man who killed child, girlfriend

After Ronnie Oneal said he wasn’t sorry for the murders of his girlfriend and 9-year-old daughter with special needs during his sentencing, the judge then spoke: “Nineteen years I’ve been at this job, I’ve seen human beings killed at the hands of others in every way imaginable… This is the worst case I’ve ever seen,” Judge Michelle Sisco said. “For the rest of my life I will be haunted by what I saw as far as the evidence, and just the abject cruelty of it all.”

Full story: https://www.fox13news.com/news/convicted-murderer-ronnie-oneal-seeks-new-trial-before-final-sentencing-hearing

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  1. I watched a lot of this trial. It was a terrible incident but this clown did make it comical with his fake pastor act

  2. He’ll grow up someday, in prison, and realize his mistakes but by then it’ll be too late and he won’t be able to do anything about it.

  3. The judge just spent all that time and energy expressing her contempt for his crimes and it fell on deaf ears. If he gave a damn he wouldn’t have callously did what he did.

  4. He is the one that will do life in prison o well life goes on the people in court go home and eat good sleep good and enjoy freedom🤷🏽🤷‍♀️

  5. Obviously, a man who truly thinks that by raising his voice, everything would go away.
    Stupidity is no excuse for cruelty!
    This stupid man deserves the sentence he got.

  6. "death scream" "we’ll see if that’s true" is that a threat against the court or is he expecting to get the death penalty

  7. They say a man should never kill another man.

    Does that also apply when the “man” you’re killing couldn’t even be called anything remotely close to human anymore?

    If so, whoever cleans this disgusting dirt stain from the face of earth shouldn’t worry about the moral implications of what they just did.

  8. This is a sadden lost for the child going through this phase and having difficulties of her own I wish peace and love and my deepest condolences🙏💙

  9. Pretty sure I saw this on Facebook before…. This is the guy who killed his girlfriend and his daughter and stabbed his son before setting their house on fire (I think)…. He deserves the harshest punishment there is. The fact he says he’s not sorry for what he did shows he’s just an arrogant and heartless killer. May his girlfriend and his daughter rest in peace. May his son find happiness and the support he needs in order to move past this horrific ordeal. I feel terrible for him for what he went through. My heart goes out to the family. I hope this guy has a miserable life i9n prison and that eventually, he’s haunted by what he’s done. He should never be released under any circumstances.

  10. Where do these callus heartless hard-hearted animalistic murderous thugs come from???? Why do we spend tax dollars feeding housing clothing and caring for them as though they’re valuable??? If a bull or wild dog on the loose and destroyed three people said animal would be destroyed without question. I don’t understand why people think keeping the people like him alive is a good thing.

  11. 👹👹👹 to the core ,death sentence will be too easy . And in prison to be feed to have a place to sleep and eat. No i will be not so kind with the 👹👹👹. 👺🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. 🤮

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