The xQc and Adept Divorce is Crazy…

The xQc and Adept Divorce is Crazy…

Today we’re going over the potential marriage/divorce of XQC and Adept. Is there even a marriage to divorce from? Let’s take a look.

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  1. If missouri had common law I would he married xD otherwise we dont really give a damn about a piece of paper. We already act like we’re married with three daughters so eh

  2. U need to remove the amount of money adept has made too and divise that in 2 why did u not put that in the calcul not only xqc would need to split so its not rly 11million

  3. I feel like the legal proceedings will all hinge on xQc sending a gif of Borat saying "Mai waiiiife" in a messaging app.

  4. With being married, you have to consent to it. I’d never consent to marriage with out a prenub so forcing marriage on me means you’re going against my consent which is massive when it comes to contracts. It’s the idea pretending to be is good enough to basically be married.

    Forcing me into a divorce because she told her family we were married and I never knew to say other wise is bullshit.

  5. Oh boy, another video about two people I’ve never heard of.

    But seriously, at least Attorney Tom makes inertersting content. Keep up this good work, Tom and team.

  6. So you don’t even need to have a marriage to be married. So meaning if you just lived with them seem to be sufficient enough for a divorce lawsuit. What the fuck is wrong with this world. Man, it basically telling men not even bother talking to a girl because she could just steal all my profits if she could find herself in my home.

  7. Never watched either youtuber but can’t xqc just claim his business made that and that’s not personal money.

  8. Man, xqc is seriously going through some stuff. Gf leaving him, almost certainly has a gambling addiction, guy needs help

  9. Common law marriage should be banned. Marriage is a legal joining of persons. That should require actual signed forms attested to by witnesses

  10. Side note, Common Law Marriage is a misnomer since at the Common Law of England nor does any jurisdiction in the UK (England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) recognise it today, which the US incorporated as it was at the time of the US independence from Great Britain, not only was there no such thing as Common Law Marriage, it was actually a misdemeanour to cohabitate with another person of the opposite sex unless you were related or they were your spouse. The court could force you to marry on conviction, but it didn’t always happen and it was not automatic.

  11. I really feel that common law marriage should not be a thing. if both parties want to get married whether via a ceremony, just go to the court house, or signing papers then good. If 1 party does and the other doesn’t then the one that does can always just leave. If somehow the party that doesn’t is in some way preventing the other from leaving then there are other problems that need to be addressed

  12. Wouldn’t xQc also be entitled to half of Adept’s income for that period? And wouldn’t shared expenses (such as rent, food, utilities, etc.) also be removed from the equation?

  13. Man, normal divorces are enough of a reason to not get married. I’ve got a feeling a few more people are gonna die single after this stunt 🤣

  14. Are expenses taking into account when calculating what the community value is? Obviously in this situation and you living expenses would just be a drop in the bucket but for a normal person it seems kind of silly that rent wouldn’t be subtracted from your income when you’re living together in the same house

  15. What I still find insane and don’t understand is… So even if they were to have been married and they decided to get Divorced… Why is it just HIS stuff that suddenly belongs to her? No one is talking about her earnings having to be given to xQc

    It’s the same with any public regarding divorce, it’s always the husband (usually more well off) that has to give their stuff away to their now ex, but never the other way around?

  16. Since generally statements from personal friends can have distinct bias, in the court would probably look for tangible behaviors to backup such a finding. For example: joint banking/credit card accounts, loaning of money without expectation of repayment, any insurance or benefits sharing, car titles, etc. If there was little financial commitment/co-mingling it’s generally easy to say it was not a marriage.

  17. At least the one filing divorce has to prove it. Hope that family law aint to female leaning to not require sufficient evidence for this.

  18. How do you prove an agreement to get married, especially if it’s verbal? All xQc would have to do is say ‘no’ when asked "did you agree to get married" and there should be nothing that can prove he said otherwise, right?

  19. This whole situation just sucks. These two didn’t have an issue until people started continually swatting their house in Texas forcing them to couch surf in friends houses. Even when they were couch surfing they were still getting swatted which probably contributed to the end of their relationship.

  20. Just negotiate a settlement and get out. He’s likely to continue making that ridiculous amount of money anyway. Don’t give it to an attorney.

  21. I honestly thought Maine had Common Law but you had to live together for 7 years, first. Which sounds way more reasonable than Texas’s apparent version, where you basically only have to live together and introduce each other as husband/wife or spouses. But apparently Maine doesn’t actually recognize Common Law. I definitely do think a minimum of a few years living together should be the legal minimum, though. Like, at least 3. How many couples break up after moving in together and don’t make it that far?

  22. I always thought about moving to Texas didn’t know they had common law marriages… guess I won’t be moving to Texas

  23. Lol psa on know your state’s marriage laws, my state doesn’t have common law marriage but she gets half your stuff if you both lived together for 3 years, and you don’t have to be married, just romantically involved

  24. Imagine having to talk to a lawyer to start a relationship with someone x.x is this where the world is at in 2023?

  25. tl;dw: "common law marriage" is how the State strongarms people who "don’t believe in marriage," because the State believes in marriage… it wants men to tie up half their income supporting a woman, because otherwise, the taxpayers would have to.

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