Therapist Breaks Down Couples Fighting in Movies & TV | GQ

Therapist Breaks Down Couples Fighting in Movies & TV | GQ

Marriage and family therapist Stephanie Yates-Anyabwile breaks down scenes of couples fighting in movies and TV, including ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘Euphoria,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Marriage Story,’ ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘Malcolm & Marie.’

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Therapist Breaks Down Couples Fighting in Movies & TV | GQ


  1. On the “your my wife” reason. In my personal experience. The man said it so frequently it was pure “proof of ownership” & “your supposed to do as I say as the head of the house”. He confirmed it.

  2. I get there’s a tone issue but isn’t saying “I’d love to burn your candles” to a candle maker a compliment? Like, saying “I’d love to eat all your pastries” to a baker isn’t an insult but it’s basically the same thing.

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  4. You bringing up the different style of approaching conflict made me feel so much better about myself. In my life, I only ever have arguments with my brothers, he’s my one constant source of conflict. He’s told me over and over again that whatever we’re feeling in an argument, we need to talk it out now, or else we’ll bottle it up and it’ll be worse later on, and I hate how he forces me to talk about it. You bringing up how some people need time to process, and even how if you force the conversation to happen, they could shut down, that’s exactly what happens to me. Whenever he and I have those conflicts, and he forces me to talk it out, I begin to shut down and it only makes him more mad and everything gets worse. Hearing a therapist talk about how the way I handle conflict is real, and that I’m not just being difficult, makes me feel so much better about myself, that I’m not the problem. I’ll have to talk to him about it

  5. Daphne literally assaulted him and the series like, ignored it. She never had to apologize and she ALSO got what she wanted and got pregnant. And somehow I was meant to still like her? I immediately hated the ladt two episodes. It ruined all of the fun of the show.

  6. Saying "what did they say when you told them that" is my favorite thing to say. And you can usually see when they stop and take that in

  7. Charlie Barber: cheats on wife, punches a hole in the wall and wishes her dead
    Therapist: she should’ve used more “I” language not “you” language because he is really hurt by that

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  9. The Marriage Story fights are really hard for me to watch because they feel soooo familiar. I’m divorced and happier for it, but those fights were ugly and they can’t ever be undone.

  10. thing is he told her he couldn’t have kids and she thought he couldn’t have kids til she found out he just didn’t want to have kids

  11. I think this therapist was a lot kinder in analyzing the Bridgerton scenes than I would have been. I don’t think his responses were olive branches. I think they were forms of control and wanting to maintain a certain public appearance. He manipulated her into marriage, already proving he didn’t care. She assaulted him to seek revenge. These two didn’t have a marriage to begin with.

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  13. Agree 95%. I’ve watched you for the first time. This is the second video I’ve at bed. Made it to my internship and 3 classes left before I became disabled. I do this when I watch movies and tv shows! And I hadn’t seen Bridgerton and you’re more understanding than maybe I am. On the other hand I don’t have context and it’s a different time.

  14. (anyone answer) I have a question about the 50/50 or 100% on kids thing- what if one person wants kids, but is 100% on adoptions and 50/50 on genetic kids, and the other definitely wants genetic kids but doesn’t mind adoption?

  15. When will GQ make a video for a Teacher Breakdown? No love for the teaching profession? Teachers can’t be experts?
    I went ahead and made my own video because they haven’t yet.

  16. "You tried everything besides telling him how you felt." Sounds like every female between the ages of 17 and 25.

  17. Let’s be clear: HE assaulted Daphne first. He literally sexually took advantage of her ignorance, lied to her and stuck her into a forever miserable situation, because HE kissed her and ruined her reputation.

  18. Can I find a therapist like this 🙌 I love everything she says. And I’ve learned all these things the hard way. Probably still learning

  19. Just showed me I’m correct in my choice of never marrying AND probably never dating anyone either lol. I don’t have all the emotions needed to care about people all that much.

  20. Honestly some of this stuff she’s hitting on, like communication or lack thereof and how that greatly affects a relationship… that doesn’t just apply to a romantic partner, but even with family members… I built up resentment towards my dad over time, bc I was making a sacrifices following his footsteps rather than following my own path, but never outright told him I never wanted his career. If I told him since the beginning when I was younger, maybe things would’ve been different. Maybe I wouldn’t be as miserable as I am now.

  21. Honestly I think shes wrong on basically all the relationship stuff. Why does she always pick the dudes perspective and want to retain the relationship at all costs?

  22. My thoughts by 5:45= I love her. I truly feel that she has a very high level of insight and understanding in the subject she chose. Some people in this field don’t seem to have such a good grasp on understanding and thoughtfulness. I love this reaction video.

  23. I like it how she like even explains, what to do and what not to do as well as the problems itself… It’s really useful for everyone, people in a relationship, new to a relationship or yet to get into one… Gives a new perspective really!

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  25. Please do "ER doctor breaks down nonsensical survival scenes where the character would have certainly died in really life" or "financial advisor explains how can movie and tv series characters with an apparently average or low-profile job/income can afford huge and super cool houses that seem to clean themselves".
    I hate how movies and TV series creators seem to enjoy making you feel weak and inadequate. No female superhero story would be as empowering to me as seeing a leading character vacuum cleaning their living room, cleaning their toilet or ironing their kid’s clothes.

  26. Given the sheer number of women killed by their partners, especially when there are divorce & custody issues, shouldn’t you be a little more, idk, like concerned about a partner saying they wish you were dead because then all their problems would go away? I get she’s trying to give an even-handed reaction but a partner or ex-partner saying that to me would freak me out.

  27. I really like the fact that you spoke about allowing your partner to process their feelings. I do this, and in so many relationships, people try to get me to have the conversation in the here and now because they assume I’m avoiding the issue.

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