Therapist Reacts to BEAUTY & THE BEAST (Animated)

Therapist Reacts to BEAUTY & THE BEAST (Animated)

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Tale as old as time… girl becomes prisoner of terrifying beast, makes friends with his dishes and furniture, wears fancy ball gowns, falls in love…

But is it Stockholm syndrome? Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright talk about what Stockholm syndrome is (and isn’t) and whether Beauty and the Beast is an example of it. They also talk about Gaston’s narcissism, Beast’s redemption arc, and Belle’s compassion. They also talk about the difference between love and possession, and the beautiful animation, art, music, and storytelling in this film.

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Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright & Alan Seawright
Edited by: Luke Mclean
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen
English Transcription by: Anna Preis


  1. Tbh Belle wasn’t really trapped there, she stayed because she felt bad for them because of the curse. They freed her right after the beast had his tantrum show and she went to a room

  2. When you went through this to dissect it, I noticed you didn’t take something else into consideration. When he was cursed, based on the details shared later, the prince was 11 when he was cursed.

  3. I have also been turned around; I loved Belle as a kid because she was a girl that loved books as much as I did, but as I got older, I got that same idea that she was just a victim of Stockholm syndrome. You guys gave me back my love for Belle 😊

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  5. 15:58 Haven’t watch it for a long long time. But now since I’ve grow up and learned a bit about reading emotions. Beast in this scene is adorable! He tried to reasoning with her and that smile each time he came up with a reasoning XD

  6. #CryingwithAlan – According to my parents, this was the first movie that made me cry too! I don’t really remember it as, apparently, I was too young… they say I was around 6. 😄

  7. I’m surprised that you don’t think Belle is starting to catch feelings in the snowball scene. She also wants to dance with the Beast. She may not be in love with him yet, but she’s got to have some kind of butterflies, otherwise it wouldn’t surprise her so much (new and a bit alarming) and make her feel shy and hide behind the tree to try to sort out her feelings. Maybe I relate because I’m a girl.

  8. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Belle’s hair animation when she’s tending to the Beast’s wounds. I keep rewatching it

  9. I’ve been through a lot the last 5 years and my world has been turned upside down in a good way, and now I watch these familiar movies and listen to songs and experience life in such a new way and I understand things better and that makes me cry a lot. I think it must be because I am validated that my former life wasn’t life at all, but a fantasy that was mostly in my mind..

    You guys help me appreciate movies so much more, now seeing the reality of life portrayed on screen is so moving.

  10. If the beast could fight off all of those wolves, he could keep her from leaving. He didn’t. He let her go. He only stepped in to protect her when she was in danger – at great risk to himself. That’s when she falls in love with him.

  11. do keep in mind, the beast was around 11 when he was cursed (and couldent really gain any social skills)

  12. Alan cried over the animated death scene??

    I cried because I got legitimately attached to the castle staff during the LA when their backstories and relationships were explored more, and they began turning fully into non-sentient objects. They were SCARED. That was the part that hit me because I had the same realization of, “Oh this is actually what would happen to them all and what it would look/sound like if the beast simply did nothing?” THAT’S the part that made me cry.

    I do love the comments defending this movie though. Belle has always and will always be one of my favorite Disney princesses because of this movie, because she is selfless and shows real love for those she cares about.

    Belle falls in love with the Beast once she realizes he’s changed because he no longer wants to be the spoiled prince everyone sees him as. He loves Belle, and changes because he WANTS to be human for her, because she made him see that he isn’t just the monster the staff have been hiding from, that the fairy told him he was. That he HIMSELF said he was.

    Belle falls for him in the end because she sees the real person behind all of that. The beast who really did change into a handsome prince, because he loved not only her.. but himself and others.

  13. I personally think Beast giving Belle the library is not going only giving her interests (Her love of books and reading) but a place for her *her own place with the Palace besides her bedroom* and more welcoming her as her home

  14. Loved this video! Just to let y’all know though, Emma Watson is actually an alright singer, the reason it sounds like she isn’t in the live action is because the team behind the live action movie also wanted to include live singing as well as their booth recordings, so to summarise the whole thing they put both live and booth recordings together and that’s why she sounds autotuned, because her live singing wasn’t in time with the track, or something like that, not that she wasn’t good. Sideways has a really good video explaining it all 🙂

  15. The library scene to me as a kid was like "That’s it if I don’t get this from a guy he doesn’t get nothing" This movie is special to me for many a reason but especially because the lead is a brunette bookworm who is a princess which meant a lot to me as a kid.

  16. oh my God, the "genocide" comment about the forks that danced was priceless! Had to laugh and comment! 😅

  17. 2 things this helped me see.
    1. Gaston fired a musket at that duck in the beginning, as we see him blowing smoke away from the barrel, but the duck was hit by an arrow… is Gaston either loading arrows into his gun or kill stealing?!

    2. we saw a shot of Belle’s book that had a picture in it, but when he looked through the book he said it had no pictures… So not only is Gaston stupid to the point of being illiterate, he can’t distinguish between words and pictures.

    in short, Gaston is somehow worse than you thought.

  18. I actually never noticed that Belle actually doesn’t fall in love with Beast l while she is captive.
    And yes. I also acknowledge that Stockholm syndrome isn’t even exclusively "falling in love"

    Funnily I think GTA5 noted a position of real Stockholm syndrome according to the right definition.

  19. I love listening to the two of you and feel I learn alot my new favorite movie is out on HBO max I would love to hear you two on the new animation belle it is such a great movie and the music is awesome

  20. I mean the fey ARE often kinda… jerks.
    Maybe every animal living in the palace got changed, including birds and rats.

  21. This has long been my favorite Disney movie. As an adult, when everyone fell into the "yeah, but it stockholm syndrome" perspective, I never knew how to counter that. Until now! So thank you for giving me ammunition with which to defend my favorite Disney film! 😁

  22. Alan cracks me up. "If you like this and I know you do…" without missing a beat. Total straight man. I love it!

  23. 9:50 and this is why women don’t do simps and betas. Because they have the same mentality of toxic men REGARDLESS

  24. ok I’m now remembering this fanfiction I read. It’s Beast/Gaston- wait wait wait hear me out. Yes it’s hilarious as a concept. But somehow this story was so well executed that it’s become one of my favourites. I can’t remember the details now (which is nice because I can re-enjoy things I know I liked before), but I know they were trapped in a magic forest together. And there’s drama. And character development.

  25. 15:40 Unfortunately, they skip past the most important part. After the Beast confronts her in the West Wing, she gets the hell out: "Promise or no promise, I can’t stay here another minute." BOOM, your BS, Buzzfeed-inspired argument of "Stockholm Syndrome" is invalid. Belle is not unwilling to depart from her captor. She left when she felt the stakes were too much for her to bear and would have fully fled had the Beast not risked his life to save her from the wolves and gotten gravely injured in the process. She went back to take HIM to safety. It wasn’t out of love, it was basic human compassion (a defining trait of her character).

  26. One thing that really annoyed me about the live action remake is the way they had characters chauvinistically say Belle shouldn’t be reading. The original Beauty and the Beast was in a widely circulated publication for French girls, literacy was not something that the French of the time period looked down upon, that is just in there to offend our modern sensibilities.

    I think that is something that isn’t considered enough is how we look at this story from our modern point of view. But women in that day and age had very little agency in their lives. So volunteering to live in the chateau with the aristocrat over living in the poverty of the village, poverty that Disney down plays, is really powerful in a way that is hard for us to appreciate.

  27. Say what you want about the "problematic" theme in beauty and the beast of Belle’s imprisonment, there’s something compelling about a story of falling for someone who doesn’t feel like they deserve love, because the world tells them they’re a monster.

    And them learning from the example of that person’s kindness, how to be kind in turn. With no expectation of anything in return, because they’re finally realising they aren’t the horrible the thing they were made to feel like.

    I think it’s a story that, when told right, can be so relatable and – in a sense – revolutionary for typical film love stories.

  28. All those edited in * for the sponsorship, pretty telling. Give the editors some script, or sponsorship veto.

  29. Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourite Disney movies. Belle is the first intelligent Disney princess and I loved it. She’s nerdy and people judge her for that. They can’t appreciate her mind, because they are only able to see what’s on the outside.

    Beast was the first Disney prince with a great beard and he teaches us, that this comes with a price. If you find a man with a great beard, he usually has a hairy back 😉

  30. Gaston could very well interpret Belle wanting nothing to do with him as a challenge to his ego, and he needs to be her whole world to satisfy it. He’s got his pick of busty young women who would want nothing more than to have his sons, but he goes for the one woman who sees him for the person he really is and rejects him because of it.

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