These christian divorce rates might shock you.. #shorts

These christian divorce rates might shock you.. #shorts

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Almost a decade into his career, San Diego-based rapper Ruslan is Christian hip hop’s jack of all trades. When he isn’t writing and producing original music, he develops compelling content on Youtube, mentors up-and-coming artists, and runs his own independent label, Kings Dream Entertainment.


  1. As a Christian, my wife and I were on a path to divorce. Thankfully, we bettered ourselves, and if it wasnt for my wife to fight so hard for us and God to see it through, we wouldn’t still be together. Now expecting our first child as a complete miracle after not being able to have kids trying for 9 years. It takes truly putting your trust in God and He will set your life on a better path then before. 😄

  2. I don’t think going to church has nothing to do with divorce because I met a lot of people who went to church on a regular basis and still got a divorce so your entire review falls apart

  3. I think the reason that people were pushing the claim that it was the same so hard in the late 90s is because there were people straight 🧢in’ saying I’m Christian to the surveyors when they don’t go to Church except Easter and Christmas, don’t read their Bibles, don’t pray until they get in trouble, etc. The statistics were no different than the world because…those people actually are the world?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Notice Ruslan says in this video PRACTICING Christians. I truly believe that statistic has always been better than the world.

  4. Yeah because having the same religion bonds you with your partner even more, you guys can agree on something, pray together, go to church together. It’s not some spritual stuff that makes someone change their mind.

  5. FYI: Yes they can still divorce. It is not forbidden. There is no force to stay together. Christian couples are indeed happier. Through the constant will of self-improvement they also want to be good partners and are actually happy together.

  6. Ok but that’s because Christianity says "divorce is bad don’t do that"

    So here’s a better question: What percentage of married couples are satisfied/happy with their marriages? And if they aren’t satisfied what is the alternative to a divorce?

  7. Yet again its against the religion to divorce so just because they stay doesn’t
    mean their happy. And many abuse victims seeking to leave are told to “endure” it by the church. Just like macarthurs church

  8. I like how you specified “non-Christians” rather than atheists. Atheists have a much lower divorce rate than evangelicals.

  9. That makes sense. Everyone values marriage, but Christians consider it a sacred institution and I feel like they take it more seriously on average. They may also be more likely to try to salvage a relationship on the rocks, and more likely to get counseling (from a pastor or a therapist).

  10. I gitta be real bro. This is a bit of a disingenuous take considering at least a quarter of Christian marriages are very rocky and only continue to maintain appearances. Its a pretty common theme which I’ve personally seen myself many many times

  11. Maybe less likely to get divorced but that doesn’t mean that there are fewer marriage problems. The church culture is very anti divorce. Toxicly any divorce. Even if there are good reasons.

  12. So more people stay in relationships they aren’t happy in… not the most amazing argument out there…

  13. Yes, because the social shame that comes from divorce in evangelical Christian culture keeps people in unhappy and unloving marriages.

  14. Divorce is actually not bad,a lot of women would still be alive if they had divorced their abusive husbands,I certainly don’t support the church’s stance of keeping a marriage at all costs

  15. I got walked out of church because I asked why do Christians worship Jesus if he’s not god. He’s the son of god. Isn’t one of the commandments agains worshiping other gods?

    I know so many Christians and they are hypocrites all of them. They said there Christians while there committing sins

  16. This is what we learn in coding it’s unrelated unless you pair them i forgot the actual term but it’s just coincidence

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