Things Will Be Different For a While

Things Will Be Different For a While

Things Will Be Different For a While

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  1. I’m in Ohio too. I guess it’s okay to make a trip to storage unit to pick up items or store, correct?

  2. Been on lock down for a weeks now in California just found your channel been hooked for hours lol

  3. I have always respected your knowledge of sports memorabilia. Maybe explain what exactly it is your look for. What items surprise you with value.

  4. John you have so much knowledge about this business. You are always dropping bits of information in your videos but it would be nice to have all the info in one video to watch and refer back too. For instance you could do a video on shipping, how to test your electronics..what you need on hand to do that…sourcing… storage… tax expectations. I know I would be very interested in how things work and having it all in one place.

  5. Marathon Watching 4/10/22 Stay safe and have a great Sunday! You are very good about interactions… 😉

  6. How about maybe doing a video on how you list and time it takes you to do a listing. I wish I could list faster but it so time consuming. Pics, cropping pics,then listing and filling out a many item specifics as possible etc. Course I do all this from my cell.

  7. Hi Chris from the uk. Your Top sales on ebay of all time and your worst buys/loses please. Would be interesting

  8. John, nice to see your videos again. I would like to see videos about shipping and how you calculate the weight. I just sold my first 2 items and I need more help on shipping.
    Thank you and take care.

  9. Greetings from Madrid – Spain! I have been following your channel for a year and a half, it really distracts me a lot, it is a shame of the global quarantine, hard times are coming, just a few days ago I thought about buying a patch of REESES, but with this current issue I preferred to pass, keep safe and Cheers

  10. Dude your son is the cutest 😊 I have a four month old boy and he’s wonderful 😍😎 been a big big big fan for awhile now… keep up the excellent job. As a father and the videos. More then a great job🙌🏼

  11. Oh my Heavens Whitney and you have a Son-John he’s a spitting image of you and he’s so adorable.❤️🤗🙏Your In My Thoughts and Prayers your entire family including Dad and mom and in-Laws. Congrats on all the sales JOHN. I’ve been MIA due to Health and a moving into a new home and still trying to get it together organized etc. still trying to find my house stuff in Storage unit. Take care and Stay Safe My Friend. Sending hugs to Whitney and the kids and have your wife give you a hug. You deserve everything you work for buddy. Congrats to a Prosperous 2020. Hopefully; soon this will all pass with less lives passed. Our county lost 1 person this am. And total in county are 9. And it’s stupid they are allowing the biggest Hot Spot NYC to travel to FL now we are considered a Hot Spot. Geez ignorance. Everyone needs to stay home on doors throughout the USA To stop the damn spread. It ludicrous with these young ones coming to the Beaches for spring break and thinking it’s a joke. Thank god Governor closed all beaches.

  12. I was looking through your Ebay store and noticed that the baseball gloves you’re selling come up at $13 shipping. Perhaps you have calculated shipping. All the baseball gloves I’ve sold, I’ve shipped using the padded flat rate envelope of $7.52. I know you’re the expert in the Ebay business, but I’m wondering if you’ve overlooked the obvious shipping option for your baseball gloves. Or perhaps you bake a little profit into your shipping cost on purpose.

  13. Little man looks just like you John. Cutey. 👍 (on the side, wife is now working from home too. She is driving me crazy)

  14. John, How about some Reds baseball history with some of your collection. I would enjoy a trip back in time. Thanks and all the best.

  15. How do you organize your items?
    I’m trying to get a similar system going as my store grows. Looks like your system works very well. Would love to know more. Thanks!

  16. I’ve been watching a few shipping videos and have not been able to come across a good video for things like golf clubs, tennis rackets, Wii fit boards and large board games. I know that shipping that type of stuff must be boring to a seasoned seller, but us newbies like to know how to, what size box, packing material, etc. that will get the job done. Thanks for all the great information that you share.

  17. John , I’ve been watching for a long time and would like to help . What is the name of your E-Bay store I tried Cincinnati picker with no results . Also couldn’t you build a storage shed in your back yard instead of paying a monthly locker fee . Thanks and stay safe.

  18. That baby!! 🥰🥰 I love his outfit! I have the same one for my 10 month old! Love seeing the fam in the videos!

  19. Do an update on all the media pallets from 2 years ago! I’m interested in doing one myself if I had the room!

  20. Not sure if you’ll get this but I’m looking for a Stebbins High school yearbook from 1985 from Riverside, OH if you have one or run across one please let me know. Also funny thing while watching your videos when you were punked with the Cincinnati picker funko pop that was my Daughters house in Lebanon, OH so funny think your channel is awesome keep up the great job best to you and your family.

  21. Just wanted to let you know how much you’re appreciated! Something I always wanted to see was a bunch of sales, beginning to end. What I mean is, take a product, you doing the photos, what you say in the listing, etc. Then showing us your inventory system and how you keep track. Then the shipping. Then showing us you profit breakdown. That’d be awesome! Stay well – and enjoy the little guy while he’s little – it goes FAST! Go A’s (whenever that happens)! 🙂

  22. Yeah, I still am selling some stuff, but without new inventory coming in from auction, garage sales, estate sales, and rummage sales this is starting to get really boring…..

  23. OMG your babies are sooo friggin adorable. You guys make beautiful babies. LOL. Longtime viewer. Keep the videos coming please. Thanks.

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