Things You Must Know As a Father | Jordan Peterson

Things You Must Know As a Father | Jordan Peterson

A good father is one of the most valuable assets in our society.
In this video Dr Jordan Peterson is sharing his advice for parents but especially fathers.
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  1. I feel like I’m a good father but my own father left when I was a young kid… remember seeing him drive off and never hearing from him again…i do my best but i question my parenting all the time but I do try to be the best like all of all the other father’s I’ve seen growing up

  2. I loved listening to this. All men need to listen BEFORE they consider being a parent. Women too!

  3. I was crying watching this video. as a grown ass man and a failure as a father, my mother in law had custody of my children for the past 3 yrs and still does today, why? drug and alcohol use was the reason, my downfall. now that I want them back more than anything, my mother in law doesn’t want to give them back and at the same time my children seem to be angry with me more and more, so much its like a stab to the heart…im sorry to my babies, im sorry to their mother also. Lord give me the strength to pull through this ugly feeling. please.

  4. Wow. All You Men Are Strong And Are Great Father’s.. Honestly I Just Want To Dye All The Time!! My Children Deserve So Much Better Than Me.. I Mean I Try, We Travel, I Buy Them Toys, We Play, We Go To Fun Places At least Twice A Month Ect. But I Know Its Not Enough.

    I Dealt With Depression And Suycydal Thought My Whole Life.. My Dady Died When I Was Three, And My Mama Was One Of Those Women That Put Her Man Before Her Kids..

    All i Ever Felt Was Loneliness And Pain..

    When My Kids Was Born, I Worked Overnight So I Can Watch Them During The Day, And That Was 8Years Ago..

    So Much Happened In That Timeframe, But I Barely Remember..

    Now After Being Layed Off, I See All My Flaws Clearly.. I Was Gone, I Was Like A Zombie.. I Never Intend For Things To Happen Like His..

    I Feel So Terrible!! I Let My Codependent Tendencies Run An Ruin My Life..

    I Really Just Want To Give Up..

  5. i’m a brother tryna show a father figure for my sister i don’t want her to go astray & want to show her the quality’s of a man & her worth.

    We don’t need to sit here and waste time watching this.
    The Bible has the best advice for Fathers


  7. Sleepless nights crying baby, working 50 hour weeks, doing most of the cleaning, cooking, doing my share of nappies.

    Sure my wife is breast feeding and spending almost every minute with our daughter but when she says "you couldn’t handle what I do!" maybe she’s right but could she handle what I do?

    Maybe I should be a real dad and work more hours.

  8. Listening to Jordan Peterson has changed much life for the better.. thank you for everything you have done for me..

  9. A respectful type of fear for your father is a must as a boy if don’t respect your father you won’t respect teachers or law these days the parents fear the child lo no wood shead nor switch !!

  10. Sat here in tears thru this whole video. I feel I’m too harsh on my son. I need to do better for him.

  11. My father was totally anaffective. I agree 💯% with Jordan Peterson. The more i trying to move away from him and ignore, the more i feel the outer world hostile and meaningless from me. It’s hard.

  12. I adore my son. I want to love him, encourage him and support him to be the best possible man ever ❤

  13. My old man was my hero as a kid, then I grew and it all changed. Now I’m tryna give my son the tools to grow into a good man and be able to take on the world and everything it’ll throw at him. He’s 4, I’m teaching him muay thai, helping him to learn to read and always trying to give him as much wisdom as i can and trying to make him just a good person. His mother is soft on him, so sometimes I feel like I go to far as a disciplinarian in attempt to make up for it.

  14. Had the WORST relationship with my dad !!!!!! It’s been 26 yrs I haven’t spoken to my dad !!!!! I tried to forgive him, but I can’t ….. Hated him so badly . Rotten to the core my old man. Grew up with a dad that has beaten women , called me bastard , and son of a bitch every fuckn day .

  15. So my father died in march from a heroin OD, but I never knew him. I had two daughters over this pandemic. The way I look at it, he made all the mistakes so I don’t have to, I just learned from his demons to raise my angels. Idk how else to explain it..

  16. Im quiet sure u dont have the holy spirit means u never experienced a relationship with an infinite high IQ and afterwards developed a relationship with both God the father and the word.

  17. This has taught me to forget the past and be the man and daddy my children need me to be

  18. this means a lot to me mostly because although I do have a father, he has many issues with not only himself but his marriage with my mom who at this point they both will be divorced soon but because of my fathers problems i have been put in a "i have a dad without having one" kind of situation so im forced to learn on how to be a father by myself.

  19. Someone once said to me “if I was your daughter I would have given up on you a long time ago!”
    I wanted to discuss it with my daughter but wasn’t sure how she would react?
    When I did she got upset and hasn’t spoken to me for more than ten years now.

  20. Haven’t seen brother or father 20 years. He left mom and me whe I was young to America. It does hurt sometimes when I think about it. Only one chance to exist and I had to face this life alone with a sick mom. But I became cold and hard because of it.

  21. My parents are pathological liars, it’s horrible so I’ve just cut them out my life and moved away, I’ve tried to build a healthy relationship with them but it’s not possible.

  22. Brilliantly stated fathers aren’t as honored as they should by themselves or by others.

  23. How could i forget this message…. I feel it in my dreams, root systems from years ago .. but new fiery storms came and blew me away.

    Let me flower in our light once more, with my attention and devotion

  24. I think a father should be like a good general in war, willing to put their men through the wringer but with encouragement and belief in their capabilities and able love as much as he punish

  25. My father was an amazing man, who never graduated high school, but was an executive managing 3 departments in the company. He was smart, and helped me with trigonometry in high school. AND he was a good man! Both my parents were good people! They raised me with morals, and faith!
    They never hounded me about homework. I just knew to do it. I was a very good student. I was an only child! My father chose to send me into nursing. I did not want it, but I respected his choice. I became a very good registered nurse. He wanted me to have my own steady job. The problem I had, was that the doctor I married was a sociopath and narcissist and destroyed my career and threw me into poverty. He was an abusive monster and after raising my kids, I fled.
    I never told my father because by then he was very ill! But I survived and am now doing the job that my dad did not understand. I am an artist. My parents have past on, and I miss them.

  26. I’ve not been there enough for my eldest son. I’m so ashamed of myself because we clashed during adolescence which I wish I could of would of should of done better.

  27. I learned the hard way, I’m a good man because of my mothers love just wish I was closer with my father, I was always coached by other men and I was always pushed too hard by my father I never had a bond I only had a coach and I’m trying to figure it out as I go so I can be the best father I can be I’m tough, I work hard, work with my hands I make good money. I just hope I don’t disappoint my children like I have been. Blew you all with the same struggle it will get better stay strong

  28. Everybody lies, and if you truly believe that your parents never lied to you, you really mist out of growing up, people even lie to themselves, all the time!

  29. My father left when I was 7. At 16 I tried connecting with him and he still neglected to have any relationship with me. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the people around you.

  30. I love my only 2 sons. I’ve given them everything I possibly could so that they wouldn’t have to grow up where nor how I did. Sadly however after splitting up with my wife I feel like I failed them. They barely speak to me, Answer my calls/texts etc. I try to reach out constantly, I try to hang out with them an they’re simply uninterested. They’re 16 and 19yrs old. It breaks my heart daily. With all the sacrifice, All the love, Care, Protection I’ve provided all of their lives an it kills me inside everyday knowing that somehow I’ve failed.

  31. My relationship to my real father was none existing. My relationship to my stepdad was based on physical pain and psycholigical torture.

    Now I’m going to be a father and it scares me. I know how I should treat my child, but I fear how it’s going to go.

    If you look at my dad and my stepdad, I don’t want to be that guy, but then again, I really don’t want to be that guy.

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