Thinking About Divorce? Listen To This Story

Thinking About Divorce? Listen To This Story

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Thinking about divorce? Listen to this story beautifully explained by our brother Omar Suleiman.

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  1. My husband divorced me bcoz his 1st wife doesn’t accept me. I married him bcoz of love and his promise that he will fight for me no matter what will happen. I am having the worst part of my life now.

  2. Brothers and sisters my marriage may end at the moment It is in a bad state I also have a daughter please make dua that i dont lose my wife and daughter please. And thank you

  3. My life is going through a worst condition.i left my husband with my children as he always had a double face .he hid everything about him from us.there is no preference for me in his life.he is now saying everyone that I am mad from the time of marriage and he was adjusting me.i always loved him a lot and trusted him more than anyone.i felt really heartbroken when I realised the truths.i filed a case in court only to make a reconciliation and make him a good husband.i know it is impossible but I strongly believe that Allah will not leave me out.please pray for me too sister and brother

  4. Sometimes when you are being put in an emotionally distressing situation and your spouse is doing something that they shouldn’t, it’s difficult to overlook, especially if they are justifying their actions. Subhan’Allah, Allah guide me and my husband, Allah’s plans are the best plans, Alhamdulillah 😔❤️

  5. May Allah Accept our Prayers, Duas, Fasting, Efforts, Our Worship and Grant All Of Us Pious, Islamic, Religious and Righteous Spouse That Will Hold Our Hand And Take Us To Jannat Ul Firdous With Them And Reunite Us With Our Families, Friends and The Ummah In Jannat Ul Firdous Without Any Account, and Also Make Us Pious, Religious, Islamic and Righteous Spouse As Well, and Protect Our Spouses and All The Ummah From The Tricks, Plans, Evil Intentions, and Wishperings Of Shaytaan and His Helpers and Protect Our Spouses From Jahnanam and From Black Magic, Evil Eye and From All The Evil That Allah Knows and Grants Our Spouses All The Goodness That Prophet Muhammad SAW Asked Allah For, May Allah Forgive All Our Sins, Past, Present and Future, Accept All Our Duas, Take Away All Our Problems and Protects Us From Jahannam and Makes Jahannam Haram Upon All Of Us and Grants Us The Highest Place In Jannat Ul Firdous and Reunits Us With Our Spouses in Jannat Ul Fridous and Grants It To The Whole Ummah Without Any Account, Aameen Ya Rabbul Alameen 💕💕💕.

  6. I know a sister.Her husband live in abroad.Their wedding ceremony accomplished by video call.Both family member was present there.Both are muslim family.After two years that sister,s husband want to divorce her.The reason is he dont get citizenship where he live and he dont want to come his motherland. He give his priority for his citizenship not his marriage. The husband force his wife to leave him.As a result wife is dishearted and disappointed. Because wife dont want to divorce. Plz all brother nd sister pray for our sister.Pray for her husband,that the husband can realize he take a wrong step.Assalamuwalaiqum.

  7. O’ Allah forgive our sins as I have learnt from my mistakes.

    This video explains all the solutions to the problems faced in all ages of times.

    Brothers and sisters do not hate each other but learn to live in peace.

    Inshah Allah, the signs are clear and attain help from Allah and His wisdom!

  8. MASHLLH, v.true divrce shuld be the solution r way to solve ourmarriage issues infct, one r both the couple need to wrk on it😊👌👌👍👍👏👏

    1."Have Faith in Every good you do and believe in me".
    2.Always Love Your family and friends and believe they are as faithful as you.
    3.Grant people and treat the way you want to be granted and treated.
    My brothers i am 12 yrs old and i listen to the quran and love every verse of it and surely we will achieve junnah in the day of judgement!LOVE ALL

  10. Sometimes I fed up with my husband and his reaction n all.i dnt understand wat shud I do..I was thinking something else abt him n he’s not like’s okni understand the starting period of marriage and after that wen I no abt him he’s totally different from his loyal behaviour and still he’s ok with dat behaviour nothing much pressure on him dat wat I feel 4him wat I think wats d right way according to Islam and can’t bear anymore I don’t know what’s going on bt can’t bear.sometym my heart says v shud take some space n leave like v doesn’t exist sometimes my heart says v shud be separated so dat I can leave happily sometimes says m not supposed to be a wife now so I have to be typical Indian wyf so dat he’ll understand what’s the difference between typical wyf n a innocent grl..I think I should live n let him go towards nyway where he wants to njoy m ok with that bt still not yet received ny kind of dis signal n dnt want to leave with him as well I don’t know please pray4me so dat I can understand otherwise v should separate n njoy our happiness alon

  11. every couple married has a problem but it doesnt mean we are done but Allah is testing us and Allah has planned every step that we are taking and we should say Allahmudlillah for everything may Allah make it easy for us

  12. Have been going through this for the last 2 months 😭😭😭 my husband is so determined on his decision of giving me divorce. I have cried, prayed days and nights..but it’s getting worse as each day is passing ! 😭

  13. I wished my husband did that but he holds grudges against me. Now I’m pregnant and I’m becoming a single mother. May Allah keep me safe

  14. If people commenting from Pakistan..i understand in Pakistan susral and culture torture wives a lottt…and they treat wives and their family like they are their slaves…so pleae dont beg them for not giving you divorce and all the families of daughters are at fault because they compromise on all their zulm on their daughter…so please apni baityon ko support kren..dont torture them k vo hr hall me susral rhna chahen…dont beg them please…just sit in your house silently…and pray but dont make them powerfull by begging

  15. My husband never respects me.. He disrespects my parents too.. He is abusive and very egoistic. I try to solve problems between us. But he likes to create problems and humiliate me even if I keep silent he tells why r u not talking if I say leave it then he says talk about it. I dont know what to do

  16. My daughter was given divorce when she was visiting her mother and covid started she could not go back to her house divorce paper was send now back dated husband didn’t gave her Maher money and her belongings can she do her iddat now The divorce paper are back dated

  17. When it comes to marriage please don’t trust strangers! Strangers have multiple boyfriends and girlfriends outside the house! Pakistani marry their daughters to men from UK England and the men have many wives and girlfriends outside! They don’t fear Allah…

  18. I was desperately looking for this, it gives me so much hope in the qadr of Allah. I am married for 8 years, struggling in marriage, betrayed many times with the lies of my husband and his greedy parents,lost my job due to depression, lost my baby twice in miscarriage, struggling to conceive amidst financial crisis due to extravagant behavior of hubby, went to qazi for khula today. He advised us both to bear with patience. And this video came up with a new hope. Don’t know what Allah want from us. My husband, raised in a munafik family, never prayed or learnt quran, after marriage he started praying 5 times, studying quran, obseving fast and doing all types of zakat sadaqaat, all these things he never did in his pre marital life. In these long 8 years I learnt that there something Allah want me to do and I ask Allah daily to guide me to that path,he want me to walk, and I believe this is what he wanted. He put me into these trials to make us both a good person, so if he gives us child, he could be the coolness of our eyes and other organs 🙂

  19. It’s very difficult these days to getting married but very easy to give divorce… May Allah will protect us from evil of people… Ameen

  20. I dont want to, but she started drinking. Drinking brings worse. If it was not for my little daugher, she uses her as a hostage, she filed for divorce to get my money too. I am impatient Allah’s action. I need Him so much

  21. I believe this is a sign frm Allah swt for me n evryone whose goin thru a worst situations wis their partners. May Allah swt guide the ones whose goin thru tough n worst situations wis their partners. Ameen

  22. Please, make dua for me and my husband. We are in our first year of an intercultural marriage and it has been a real struggle for us. He has already given me one talaq and I am in my iddah now. 🥺 I am hoping for reconciliation… I love him a lot and want for us to build our family together, living peacefully with one another. Ya Allah! 🤲🏼😭

  23. Sometimes you can be too kind and giving and that’s not good either, may Allah make it easy for anyone having problems, remember, be the better person and make the sacrifice, drop the ego, especially if you have kids, don’t be selfish!!! Remember the good times, more than the bad.

  24. I’ve been thinking about divorce after only a year of marriage. Since the beginning, I was put into a really tough spot. He would cursed me, stripped the freedom away from me, put hands on me sometimes. Blames me for everything and I’ve been depressed for a long time. I want to take my life but I still have a family to worry about. I only have my mom left after my father passed away in 2020. It was so hard for me. I don’t know if I should divorce because I don’t know how much patience do I need until the last straw? Please what should I do? If I live with him more, I know I’m gonna die inside eventually

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