This Handle Looks Like It Was Dipped in Glass (XCAL Pt. 7)

This Handle Looks Like It Was Dipped in Glass (XCAL Pt. 7)

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  1. One of the best people I’ve seen, when it comes to wood finishes is blacktail studios. Loom them up, there is a lot of knowledge there.

  2. not sure making your handles super smooth is a good idea…. works fine for show pieces but anyone trying to use them with wet hands will hate it.

  3. When you do gold inlay, do you save the dust when sanding after? As much of it that you do, you could save that dust all year and then melt it to get the gold back. We used to always sweep the floor in the lab at the jewelry store I used to work in and they would save it all for someone to do this.

  4. Kyle – use the lightest sandpaper that will flatten the finish. I use 1200, 1500, 20000, 30000, then the Stew Mac fine guitar polish. I can get shellac or polyurethane or nitrocellulose lacquer all looking just like glass this way. Shellac requires more patience but it is environmentally friendly, and each coat melts into the previous, so it becomes one coat instead of microfilms of plastic. Plus, it comes from bugs. How could that be bad? Great work. I have been doing this basic trick for years on scabbards, trust me, use finer paper for flattening. It is faster in the long run. Plus, i never use power buffing. Too easy to burn through. Last thing, use clear nail polish, it is nitrocellulose lacquer, to fill and do touch-ups.

  5. "dipped in glass" doesnt mean anything to me. Like clear epoxy so the object looks clear or something? idk, was just a weird thought that didnt make sense to me

  6. Sanding sealer on wood before finish. You will not need nearly as many coats to hide wood grain.
    If you had done end grain with that finish, probably would have taken 15 coats to get finish you wanted.

  7. Everytime he says "Dipped In Glass" you have to take a shot. By the end of the video guaranteed you will be absolutely sh!tfaced.

  8. I think it would be cool to see a wood/colored resin handle. Like how they make the custom tables and what not. Would probably look super cool all polished up.

  9. The next 2K is stupid. Why would 2k mean two component when component is spelled with a c. F****** marketing these days and they wonder why our kids are becoming dumber. Secondly if it acts like an epoxy because it is catalyzed; why not just use epoxy and actually dip the piece? High quality catalyzed epoxy also is 24-hour cure time so no different than this stuff and very very durable; and if you do it price per ounce; you’re better off just buying the epoxy which you can also get a glass finish on and mix exactly what you need rather than wasting a whole can once activated🤷 absolutely stunning knife though. Kudos. Only thing I would have changed; would be the lines that you put in trying to emulate that accent wall. If you notice on the accent wall that you are trying to emulate; the lights are in the front and the accent lines are behind the lights. But you did the opposite putting the gold in first and then cutting the other lines over top of them. If you could have done it in a way where the gold lines went over top of the non-gold lines it would have emulated that wall much better.


  11. Having seen a lot of epoxy table videos, one finish that often is used is "Rubio Monaco". Blacktail studio has some videos of how he finishes both wood and epoxy to look good and be durable.

  12. I had made a lacquer coated CF handle recently and found a big issue is that when it it is wet, it is like trying to hold onto a piece of ice. Other than handle geometry, are there any easy ways to add grip but keep the glass look? I am thinking about epoxying on a few small sections of leather.

  13. Try the sanding with these padded foam pads,they are available up to 12.000 grit and sand more even as the folded paper.I use them when I have to do real fine final sanding prior to the fine polishing

  14. 25.00 dollars a can your at like 2-300 in clear coat . I suggest buying a gallon and a mini spraygun. Building that many coats is not what you wanna do . There will be too much shrinkage in time. Put epoxy down first sand that level , use a 20 min epoxy . All that is needed after that is 3 medium coats of clear . What u did was a waste of time and money , Also leading people down a path that is completely wrong.

  15. I have had bubble issues with this clear coat on bike frames when I sprayed too close when trying to get into tight spots on the frame.

  16. In the guitsr finishing world, we use pore fillers to fill in the grain. Then add the clear. That way you can always get that wet glass look, regardless of how porous the wood is.

  17. Knowing how much effort he put while making.. even if i have that i wouldnt dare bring it out 😂

  18. Just a suggestion, Hold the can a little farther away from material when spraying and you’ll get less orange peel…

  19. Some of those imperfections could have been caused during your initial spraying. When I was watching the video your spray nozzle cot rather close to the handel itself. The closer you are to the spray nozzle the more actual pressure the finish goes under ruining what may be an even coating. This is why they recommend keeping your spraying hand back from the target about 10" or so consistently during spraying. Otherwise you can actually force little deformations. I’m not sure if it’s microscopic little air bubbles or whatever but I’ve had it get messed up before when I’ve sprayed to close with spray on coats like that. 👍
    Looks great tho.

  20. I see it’s a sense of adventure for you and discovery, Keep up with your experimentation! Right on! Good vid.

  21. It feels illegal I’m watching this beautifully made video for free! This is far better than the stuff you pay for. Definitely considering investing in knife maker plus 👍

  22. Eres meticuloso y cuidas hasta el monimo detalle,un genio….como se llama el producto y donde se puede conseguir ,si fueras tan amable de responder muchas gracias

  23. You are so much more of a fabricator than others can’t believe you haven’t been noticed your work is heavenly stay proud always

  24. I believe the bubbles on the handle are caused by the hardener Or the time line you coated the handle in, bubbles are caused by the heat the hardener produces, or you hit a dirty or angled bit causing splashback

  25. Dude, I am losing my mind at how intricate, unique, and beautiful that design is. You are a master artist. 🙏

  26. Though I don’t like Steve Lindsay as a person his engravers are really good. GRS is no slouch and thousands of engravers make a living with them but I think the Lindsay design is smoother and works faster. Steve, as a person, fuck you but you do make a good product. #airgraver

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