Tips on raising kids in two homes after divorce

Tips on raising kids in two homes after divorce

Tips on raising kids in two homes after divorce

After a marriage ends the family needs to continue and so it’s really important for kids to feel like they still share a life with mum and dad.

In this video, parenting and divorce expert Christina McGhee provides some ips on raising kids in two homes after divorce and suggests how parents should be mindful about the way they talk to their children about their new living arrangements, to minimise the negative impact on all involved.


Christina is a Divorce Expert, Primary Content Advisor and Outreach Specialist. Passionate about changing the way children experience divorce; Christina has devoted her career to educating parents and creating resources that make a difference.

She has written PARENTING APART: How separated and divorced parents raise happy and secure kids, been featured in the British documentary, How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Kids, created a national initiative and parenting curriculum for UK parents, produced a children’s DVD about divorce and is a contributing author in the upcoming book, ToughLOVE (2014). You can connect with Christina at on facebook or visit her website:


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  1. "After the marriage ends, the family needs to continue"… dear Christina, you gained a new reader! 😉

  2. The speaker is very insightful. respectively, it is apparent that the host could do well to really explore the speakers insights. I myself am a mother who has been estranged from my now 7 year old little girl. i am seeking how to parent, Co parent, creating structure etc etc it goes on. thank you for the video

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