1. What about violent spouse? Everytime he is angry he beats his wife? And tell her to leave? Put her stuff out? Even put her in the streets call their friends and tell them she is going to have to sleep in their house ? Even if he was the one wrong in the situation? But because he don’t accept the fact that he is wrong he acts with violence? When the cops keeps coming to your house because your husband is screaming for 3 hours straight and breaking things? My husband puts his hands on me , he choke me and push me , attacks my faith and says I’m serving the devil? In this case God want me to die with this man? God wants me to die on an argument with him one day? Because i think that will happen one day if i stay with him

  2. Some of these sound like excuses and a lot of empty promises.
    Pray on it but don’t be afraid to use common sense – your mental & physical health should not be played with

    If infidelity is an issue , STDs could be a concern. There are some that can have dangerous, life altering effects

    Abuse isn’t something to play with either – especially if you are in a space where even your children’s safety is now at risk – common sense here people . Sometimes you guys act like God created you to be someone’s punching bag
    Don’t be afraid to defend yourselves and children

    P.s it doesn’t matter if your religious or not but if kids are involved and you are deemed unfit to take care of them -ex. Exposed to physical abuse , sexual abuse , neglect etc – they will be removed from you
    Because in that instance you were a willing accomplish in the evil acts .

    Don’t hide behind someone’s interpretation of the Bible to justify poor decisions that can cost you your life and/or health

  3. He is one of a kind man of GOD this pastor.
    the pastor that Counseled and married my wife and l, later on, told me to take whatever she gives me and leave after eight months of marriage.
    All because we had our first disagreement and I left to avoid further problems. Some pastors are so different than others.
    This is one of the many reasons a lot of people don’t go to church nowadays.

  4. Marriage is not for everyone. I think too many people “think” it’s for them and it is absolutely not. We need to be discussing what marriage is really like to the young and be completely honest. I feel like Every religion pushes marriage as if it’s peachy and a great thing to do. People who the marriage is for is not dysfunctional like what we see today. Stop getting married people unless you truly know it’s for you.

  5. Please pray for my marriage my husband has threatened divorce due to not feeling the same for me. I am a believer but he is not. Please give me some advice thank you

  6. I have been a christian brought up in a christian home and truly wished to have and raise a godly home but the reverse is the case for me, i landed myself in a pain and tear filled marriage, my husband family wanted me to go and follow them and do some sort of sacrifices at the river as a christaian I refused, i tot my husband was a true christaian like me i never knew they engage in such believe, now my husband family ganged up against me with my husband backing them up, there is no sort of humiliation and accusaion i have not face in that family, i was accused of killing my own daughter 2 years ago with witchcraft, my husband has since then abandoned them with all my cry of innocence, they dealt with me so trechiously that i can only consider divorce to safe my life, i currently do not have a child cos he left me and travelled to another country and blocked all my line even on facebook, pls as a good christaian should i not seek for a divorce in this kind of situations, pls help me someone, i am dying here.

  7. Hello I cheated on my 5yrs ago. She never for given me. But I understand. Now. She disrespects me. 24 /7. Always downing me. No matter what I say. I r do. I’m always wrong. But hear this. She is. Leader at our church. L giving class. On broken marriage to her class. We are Christen. But she don’t consider. Us

  8. My wife had divorce papers drawn up and wants me to sign them. There’s no violence or adultery (that I know of ) just a Lotta fighting over money. The money (or lack of) is my fault as I lost my job in the pandemic and had no income (I didn’t qualify for unemployment) so she was the only one making money. But now I have a job and she won’t even speak to me. Or look at me.
    I watched this video and was very moved. She texts me saying " it’s too late".

    I’m asking (for who ever reads this) to pray for me and her. Let God soften her heart and give it another try. She wants to file papers with the court on the 11th of May, and I’m gutted.
    She used to say she didn’t believe in divorce because it was a sin. But now she’s fixated on it and I can’t break thru.
    Please pray for us.

  9. Why did he only address the wife? And then talked about how she sinned coming into the marriage? It seems very one sided…

  10. I’m desperate for Christian advice on what to do after a physical altercation with my husband? I’m so lost and disconnected from him now.

  11. OMG can’t believe it happened after 2 years divorce my husband came back and ask for forgiveness all thanks 🙏🏿 to #dromija the powerful astrology that help me fix my broken home indeed a great spell caster…….

  12. I was married to a mentally ill. Its painful to let him go and ys the church emphasize on healing but they have prayed to no avail so what I am supposed to do subject myself and my little girl to the uncertainty and potential dangers that come with severe mental illness. It pains me because its the love of my life but i have to let go at his most vulnerable times for the sake of my life and my baby girl

  13. Divorce is hard and marriage is hard. However, my ex-husband leaving and divorcing me was the best thing that could have happened to me. My life with him was absolutely awful and my life didn’t start to improve until he was gone. I never remarried and have zero interest in it, but I am so much happier all the same.

  14. Pray for my marriage, as my sinfulness in the past has messed up so many things in my marriage. I caused many pains to my wife but I’ve repented . Please keep my wife and I in prayer as she is possibly considering Divorce.

  15. Thank you for this message… I’m on my second marriage after remaining single for 15 years. We’ve been married for five in a blended family…to say it’s challenging is summing it up lightly. I took my marriage oath seriously and need messages like this to keep me on track and not feeling self-pity. Praying for you all in the comments as I ask you do the same for me. 🙏

  16. My husband and I have been separated for 3 months now but we talk every day on the phone. I moved back to my hometown 6 hours away due to extreme depression and panic attacks. We’ve only been married 2 1/2 years. I want to save my marriage so much but so scared to go back to the city he moved me to because of my mental disorder. He wants a divorce more than ever now because his dad just passed away and says he can’t deal with my anxiety anymore. I tried to be there even though I am agoraphobic and have a hard time being more than a mile from my house. He told me today that he needs to focus on his kids and himself during his grieving time. I’m broken and begging him not to file that I would even go back after my own brothers funeral this weekend but he says it’s to late. I’m asking for prayers for Abram and Crystal for the restoration of marriage.

  17. I’m curious how "people" decide to get together, then when it does not work out Christians talk about "who God has joined together……". I feel there are some "legalist" types who do not realise what it’s like to be in a marriage that crushes your soul, and each day is filled with regret. Times are different.

  18. My husband has assaulted physically and verbally constantly. I feel my only avenue is divorce. If I press charges he will lose his career that is a big issue facing me. Should I or shouldn’t I.

  19. My husband filed for divorce and has blocked contact I’ve been fasting prayering with no change I have seen visions of him in church praising God next to me yet his heart is hardened and is very prideful he does have godly friends I’m hurt/lost I know God will work it out in his timing but in the mean time other than prayer and fasting I don’t know what to do

  20. Person who dose not fear God and pursued to divorce. Which I did not want. Still ready to get together but not sure what to do. Please help.

  21. The woman in question, who followed the good advice, was not sexually immoral. It takes a woman like that. Only a woman like that.

  22. My wife of 20 years stated to me last night that she wants a divorce. She stated that we have grown apart- I have always worked, I have never been a man who gets drunk or does drugs. I have raised our children and I don’t go out until all hours of the night. I’m confused, heart broken and shocked. Please pray for me

  23. Piper, I have a few questions. If there is no marriage in Heaven between my spouse and I does that mean God will divorce us? Is marriage a sin on earth then if it isn’t a thing allowed in Heaven? If I try to marry my spouse again will I be kicked out of Heaven and thrown to Hell?

  24. It is sick to my stomach, when i see Christian youtubers encouraging divorces, and explaining to the viewers that God will help you through your divorce. But your video really touched my hart. It really gave me hope, and i understood clearly. Thank you.

  25. Please pray for my marriage.
    I want to love my husband as God has called me to.
    I am so hurt by him but I want to conduct myself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.
    Every day is so heartbreaking.
    Please pray over Cindy & Björn.
    Thank you so much.

  26. Iv been with my husband 15 yrs. My story is too long to explain. Iv been a Christian for 4 yrs and iv been praying about my marriage and for God to save my husband and he is an unbeliever and criticizes me about my faith and trust in God 4 months ago he gave me divorce papers and I moved away without him because he was not able to Go. Now he said he don’t want a divorce now and that he will change. I know only God has the power to change someone and iv heard him tell me this same sad story many times.. iv had signs that he may have been cheating and he has a description of a narcissist. I want to do God’s will and please him. I don’t want to work out this marriage anymore. And I have divorce papers. I know I am to forgive and I have forgiven him for treating me so badly these past 15 yrs but I really need peace to focus on God and his will for my life.. I want the chain’s of bondage from this man to be broken.Has God called me to peace. Am I free to go?

  27. I don’t think God means us to stay in unhealthy situations. Honestly this is making me a little concerned about marriage in the future

  28. I’m on my second marriage I left first from abuse now my 2nd marriage is so cold and lonely I cry my self to sleep. I pay all the bills clean . I’m so tired . Weary . What do I do?

  29. Porneia used in Matthew 19:9 is not synonymous with adultery….its the disposition and behavior that leads to adultery

  30. Please pray for reconciliation and restoration in my marriage. That it be sanctified and renewed under Jesus Christ. 🙏🙏

  31. My wife and I can’t be in the same room together.
    It’s been like this for 3 years and we are throwing in the towel. We would be better people and Christians apart. We have a 5 year old that’s been the only reason I’m hanging on but it’s getting too bad now. At 38 I can’t start over, it makes me want to check out honestly.

  32. My wife and I are going through a separation/divorce right now. She’s pregnant and due very soon. But, this marriage has emotionally and mentally damage me. I fell out of love with her. I prayed for a new heart and a new love for her and it never came. I think we were married too young and we were also coheres into marriage. I told her that I wanted a divorce because I don’t want her to stay in a loveless marriage. It will do more harm staying in the marriage and it will also do more harm divorcing. Any thoughts?

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