Tom Brady gets shut out for the 1st time since 2006

Tom Brady gets shut out for the 1st time since 2006

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  1. Calm down people it’s one game. Don’t forget he’s the all-time leader in QB Wins, Yards, Receptions and TD’s and some of his long list of records will never be broken. Next week he’ll get 4tds with 350 yards just watch

  2. Rodgers’ take on certain teams beating certain teams.
    Sometimes, schematics just wins you the game.
    The Saints had good schemes and a good game plan to tackle the Bucs and Packers offense. Simple as that.

    Unfortunately, saints still suck this year and it’ll be bucs vs packers in nfc championship game again.

  3. Funny how everyone comes to Brady’s defense about losing his weapons for the night. Meanwhile everyone hails Brady as the GOAT after spending 20 years in a division where no other team had a weapon. Sucks to suck!

  4. TB BUCS COACH HOBBLES OUT after the end of the game Looking like a completely Broken , Battered , Sliced & Diced , Given up on Life LOSER…..SAINTS END TB BUCS SEASON on Prime Time Sunday Night IN THE BUCS HOUSE

  5. But they brought back all 22 starters…wasn’t that why they were boasting about going undefeated this year? LOL.

  6. Ha, now Russell Wilson ain’t the only to get shut out this year. Haters. Now look at the Buccaneers, look what happened to the Patriots and Cardinals, all these big teams are getting shut down down

  7. We lost because we don’t like to run the ball and and play action from under center. They keep fucking playing out of shotgun. Last year in the playoff we played under center and won. A

  8. The last time he got shut out was December 10th, 2006, which just so happens to be the day I was born.

    I am Tom Brady’s kryptonite.

  9. TOM BRADY’s FOOTBALL LEGACY—-The Only NFL QUARTERBACK Who has NEVER WON a Fair & Honest & Non-Rigged Football Game in his entire Life

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