Tony Evans | Is there biblical support for divorce? | Ask Our Pastor Ep. 03

Tony Evans | Is there biblical support for divorce? | Ask Our Pastor Ep. 03

Ever wanted to get biblical clarity on a topic? Glean wisdom from one of the world’s most respected Bible scholars, Dr. Tony Evans. In this episode of ‘Ask Our Pastor,’ Dr. Evans addresses the biblical grounds for leaving a marriage.

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  1. If God designed a marital covenant as the highest bond between man and woman, why then ARE YOU SILENT LORD?? I have been broken , humbled and the Lord is rebuilding me each day, to the point that I am so grateful to be able to now understand and see what was meant by the marital covenant. I also have a clearer understanding of the marital roles, thanks to Dr. Evans, John MacArthur, and Max Lucado to name a few……
    I have been praying in the Spirit, for the Lord to restore my marriage but I am losing hope as the papers from my husbands lawyers keep coming….
    Biblically I have been abandoned… husband refuses to communicate with me on any level. I know my God is able, I know my God can do anything above all that I ask or even think….::
    But as I mentioned…. I’m losing hope…..Father I believe, please help my unbelief

  2. What happens when the person acting as a non believer, does have legitimate reasons ie sexual infidelity (on both sides), but the believer is willing to reconcile (God spoke restoration and reconciliation many times) but the non believer is unwilling? The divorce has been legally processed, but believer believes covenant was broken by man and not God; is the believer still bound?

  3. He’s not interpreting scripture correctly. Jesus was speaking when a believer who has entered into marriage to a non-believer. This guy is saying what he feels. Read your bible people!

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  5. Seems like these days, too many people want divorce because of one argument, or "I don’t want to be married anymore," etc. Seems like that’s too many people these days.

    And, aren’t the current stats for marriage this? …. Half of all marriages ending in divorce, and most divorces happening due to finances? The world is upside down.

    So, it helps to be careful who we marry to begin with. Also, be careful why you get married. I’d say, in some cases, be careful whether you marry.

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