Top 5 Ways Fathers Can Get Custody

Top 5 Ways Fathers Can Get Custody

Is it possible for a father to get custody of children in Michigan? There are many different strategies you can use to get an advantage in a contested custody situation. Thinks like not moving out, or filing first, or other ideas are discussed in this video.

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What if your Ex will not follow your parenting time plan?
What are the two types of custody?
When does child support begin?

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  1. My kids mom does drugs and lives in a drug house with my tweaker mother. Court papers say to do drug tests bc I asked for it. She failed the first 3 drug test and never took one again. The judge doesn’t care. What do I do now. I have 50 50 parenting time and I hate knowing the environment my kids are in when there with her

  2. Thanks for posting this!! But I had a very bad attorney who made me sign a bad court order…the law firm is Crawford in MD

  3. My wife is a flight Attendant. I have been staying home with the kids since the 3 of them were born. I am the one who took them to the doctor, school meetings, dentist, bday parties etc. As a stay home dad for years , the relationship breakdown over money issues and then lack of respect for me. I shut down and wasn’t connecting with her. She wants a divorce now. Will she gets to keep the kids and I have to leave. If we are thinking about the best interest of the children, a stranger will now have to watching the kids, when she leaves for work. –

    Thank you for all you do.

  4. The truth is that a father has about 1 or 2 % chance of getting custody. The courts want the female to mother, and the male to pay.

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