Top 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Move to the Netherlands | Living in the Netherlands as an Expat

Top 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Move to the Netherlands | Living in the Netherlands as an Expat

In this highly requested video, I’m sharing with you top 6 reasons why you shouldn’t move to the Netherlands. Living in the Netherlands as an expat is often praised, but there are pros and cons of living in the Netherlands just as in any other country. I wanted to do my best to speak about some of the cons of living in the Netherlands that I’ve observed over the last 10+ years of living here. Like I mention, my intention is not to upset anyone, but to inform and hopefully entertain.

Are some of the things I’m talking about valid? Why/ Why not?
If you want to let me know your thoughts, let’s have a discussion in the comments!


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  1. $2500/mo!? Bruh, I work two jobs and I don’t make that much in America….

    Edit: None of those examples of ‘xenophobia’ sound xenophobic. Sounded more like they were trying to make you feel more comfortable. Also, I did think you were from America, too. You literally sound normal to me, no accent noticed.

  2. I am ducht and i think say you are just saying Carp and Some things that are in every country the same but whe are just open About it

  3. Uh making money isn’t the main reason anyone would move to Holland lol. You sound brainwashed by American culture.

  4. The weather is basically just raining all the time and mostly with strong wind. Its not cold, but neither it is warm. And never hot weather.

  5. I stopped this video on number one. What a capitalist pig comment! You can’t get filthy rich? Oh, like you can in America! Your presentation is amateurish. You should stop, and go get a social conscience.

  6. I have low income 20.000 year in the Netherlands…I pay 500 euro every month for rent but still can save money , send in my country and live in the Netherlands…as for taxes with my income I have always tax return…

  7. This video was more then 1 year ago but Youtube send me your reaction today 👍🏽🖐🏽. I agree -with most of your arguments- but your…. ‘You will not get rich here’ I really dislike. Maybe that’s what makes the Netherlands as it is!

  8. At the beginning it’s kinda difficult, but once you gain work experience, you can earn more than average.

    The rent of course in Amsterdam is crazy, so is purchasing a place nowadays. You can live a nice life in NL, the quality is quite high and the work environments (in my sector) are great.

    Finding a partner would be an incredible stability boost, from what I’ve experienced.

  9. Well a lot of immigrants here, a lot of people from other countries come to the Netherlands, a lot of work good life, for you I understand you don’t have that situation, but other people do,

  10. I will just work for an American/ other EU company making (semi) fat stacks and pay taxes to the Dutch gov, they would love to have me I’m sure lol

  11. None of the examples you gave seam to me xenophobic. Xenophobic means "fear of strangers" and the surprise that your father has blue eyes doesn’t show any fear. I would actually be very surprised to see an Japanese with blue eyes for example. Also, all non-English speaking countries have typically an accent and you don’t really have one, so the comment that they thought you are from US is just a compliment on how well you speak English and your accent is not detectable. I think they would have been just as surprised if you would have said you were French.

  12. So let me see if I get this right. You see so many negative points in moving and living in Netherlands, but you still live there????

  13. I’m coming to Netherlands because it’s lovely, and I’m a business man ,I really think alot of the taxs.. it’s damn much

  14. I want to move there because I am going to be killed in America for my skin color…. Does the Netherlands hate white people who want to work? NO… oh I’ll be fine being poor so long as I’m alive.

  15. Update: Thank you everyone for your comments on this video. I appreciate the generous input and respect the counter opinions. When making this video, of course I didn’t anticipate that it would take off this much. In my channel, I cover topics around life, career & business in the Netherlands. One of my main goals is to keep as much of a balanced view as possible. I have other videos if you’re interested in learning more and invite you to subscribe to the channel. Thank you!

  16. I’m not quite sure what are you life priorities, you should know that it’s very difficult to get rich as you put it in any countries you live in, unless you come from a wealthy family either win a lottery or by doing something illegally EG; robbing a bank, you will struggle to get rich by working honestly anywhere !
    Ideally, you should weigh out what benefits your health, your academic directions if any and your lifestyle where you decide to stay even for a few years ..I’d put the money topic aside altogether if I were you.
    As for the weather, it is indeed a big factor, everyone needs a dose of daily vitamin D in order to keep their serotonin hormones levels up which you could boost it by going to a warmer country at least once a month, ( Yeah I know the return is always hard to deal with but you can’t have everything your way either ) On the other hand in the Netherlands you get less pollution and enjoy the surrounding nature by cycling which could also be a chance to make some acquaintances or even friends along the way, just keep an open and non judgmental mind, there are a lot of positives there if you look farther and deeper..
    Surely, it can’t be worse than living in rainy and depressing England, which lacks of proper summer as we know. It’s the most expensive rip off dingy, bleak island on this planet. I personally, would rather go for the Netherlands which is also better geographically positioned in the continent of Europe, hence easer to travel anywhere without being ripped off with outrageous train fares or else ! Just make the most of it wherever you are, ultimately HEALTH whether physically or mentally is the real wealth, what’s the point of stressing about getting rich or making a lot of money if you then need to use the same money that you’ve somehow earned to fix your Health or ailments that may have occurred ?!! Nevertheless, thanks for sharing you Dutch life experience to us, be kind and smile to the unkind 🙂

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