Top Four Reasons To Hire An Experienced NY Divorce Attorney if Looking for Divorce Lawyers in NYC

Top Four Reasons To Hire An Experienced NY Divorce Attorney if Looking for Divorce Lawyers in NYC

Looking for Divorce Lawyers in NYC? Here are the top four reasons to hire an experienced NY Divorce Attorney.

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I believe it’s really important that when you hire a divorce lawyer, you actually hire aBY divorce law firm because you need the resources. Any divorce lawyer needs good paralegals, they need associates or partners to help with every case, because one lawyer can’t be in two places at the same time.

But if you have a team working for you and there’s an emergency that happens in your particular case, rest assured if you hire a divorce law firm with a team, you will be represented. What’s very common is during a divorce case, there is emergency motions that either need to be filed or defended.

And if you hire a solo practitioner or somebody without any support staff, they’re not going to be available to represent you, and your case is going to get adjourned and you may suffer damage because of that. We tell people the truth. There’s not a day that goes by that people don’t say, “But I was told by another lawyer that I’m going to get this or this is what I can expect.”

Nobody in my firm tells people what they want to hear. If I told people what they want to hear, I could have 50 lawyers working for me. It is ridiculous.

People need to know the truth, people need to be told how their case is going to wind up within a range and litigants need to make informed decisions.

It’s important to hire a law firm that’s familiar with family court in New York City, and familiar with the judges in New York City.

We’re experienced in dealing in family courts in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, in Queens and in Staten Island. And a quick settlement is better for everybody. A quick settlement means a lot less legal fees for both sides.

So once we go to court, we don’t seek adjournments, we’re there to fight for you and we’re there for your case to progress to a conclusion. Many people get unhappy with their lawyers because the case lasts for years. I don’t like cases that last for years, I like to resolve your case for you and for you to move on with your life. This video can be found on the Brian D. Perskin & Associates


    BRIAN PERSKINS IS A DISHONEST, THIEF, BULLY. HE USES HIS JR attorneys to do the lying for him.

  2. Hello, I have a daughter with my ex husband and we are in divorce process, but court is asking for my daughter’s SSN number to finalize my divorce, is this really required? And why?

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