Trent Grisham sparks Padres' 7-2 win vs. Dodgers | Dodgers-Padres Game Highlights 9/14/20

Trent Grisham sparks Padres' 7-2 win vs. Dodgers | Dodgers-Padres Game Highlights 9/14/20

Trent Grisham homered to spark the Padres’ offense and Dinelson Lamet struck out 11 as the Padres took a 7-2 win over the Dodgers

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  1. The dodgers stop caring when they were down by 6 because pederson intensely dropped the ball in the outfield. Oh and munchy last night sucked

  2. Don’t blame kershaw and Roberts. It’s the dodgers first baseman that threw the game. It could have been a 1 run inning but cuz of him it was 6

  3. U know this is a great Padres team when we get a win against Kershaw.Clayton has iwbed in his career with something like 20+wins and only 5 or so losses

  4. If I was Roberts muncy is benched for the rest of his contract.. with those two little league errors

  5. My 2 favorite Southern Cali teams are going at it, either one is good to go to the world Series🇲🇽

  6. Everything went right for the Padres, they are way too confident, just don’t let it get to your heads Padres…

  7. Cleveland handed the Padres a gift by sending Clevinger there…San Diego is still rising, while the Indians are fading…

  8. Dodger fan here Padres just revealed L.A biggest weakness! Roberts!! Why would you take Kershaw out! He was pitching a great game!! After that game went down hill! Good game!

  9. Dave "Knucklehead" Roberts blew this game by taking out Clayton "Gunslinger" Kershaw (22) he should have given him a chance to redeem himself but no he didn’t have confidence in Kershaw.

  10. what the Dodgers didnt know is the Pads implanted Roberts into their organization just for this moment. DOUBLE AGENT! EXECUTE ORDER 66

  11. This mediocre player is for sure going to get popped on his face 2021. Maybe it will fix his nose?🤔 Or maybe it will fix his vision, so he doesn’t mess ground balls anymore?🤔

  12. Dodgers need to trade a few of these players. Pederson and Muncy haven’t hit a ball in like 5 games. Mookie, Seager and Kershaw having to carry the team every game can get hard to watch. Bellinger is falling apart and we don’t have relief pitchers to save our life. The Dodgers need to make some moves in order to beat the padres. The padres are on a winning streak while the dodgers have been on a slump.

  13. What a great pitching duel. Hopefully the Dodgers can bounce back but gg to the Padres they deserve everything they have accomplished so far.

  14. I can’t believe the Pads traded like 4 players for Trammell last year and then just flipped him to Seattle for a bunch of garbage like Taylor Rogers

  15. Honestly too many errors by the dodgers this game along with roberts taking out kershaw too early and putting Baez. Had he left him in to clean up his situation and had those errors have not happened maybe there would have been a different outcome. One thing is for sure the Padres are no joke anymore and capitalized on their moment and LA’s lack of focus. Unless the dodgers tighten it up, it may be looking like last years history could repeat itself.

  16. Yeah well the padres haven’t won a WS yet and have been around since ‘69. Dodgers can still beat them to a recent one too 😁

  17. Can’t believe the dodgers actual got pissed at Grisham for admiring his homer and a simple "let’s go" to his own dugout. Like how soft are you that you’re picking a fight over that?

  18. I see padres and white Sox in World Series but I want to see Yankees vs Dodgers in World Series

  19. Padres r 18-2 on opening games of series.If they continue that trend into the playoffs they will be hard to beat.Machado 16 hr Tais jr 15 hr and he hasnt had one in about 2 weeks and Myers 14 hr keep crushing it Padres

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