Trump’s Food-Throwing Tantrum, Andrew Giuliani Loses Primary for New York Governor | Tonight Show

Trump’s Food-Throwing Tantrum, Andrew Giuliani Loses Primary for New York Governor | Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses Trump’s food-throwing temper tantrums that left ketchup streaked on the walls of the White House and Andrew Giuliani losing the primary election for New York governor.

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Trump’s Food-Throwing Tantrum, Andrew Giuliani Loses Primary for New York Governor | Tonight Show



  1. Nothing we didn’t know from the years of Donnie Bonespurs whining and crying like a spoiled toddler. Man baby tRump tossing his lunch is exactly how we’d expect this indulged child react to things not going his way.

  2. When Trump takes the power gain America won’t be able to keep itself democratic. Too many Americans don’t realise the threat and too big of a minority doesn’t even care about democracy. These people want the power to control other people and especially minorities. They’d be happy to see institution of slavery working again. If GOP doesn’t take a firm stance against Trump he will win whether he gets majority of votes or takes the power by illegal means or by force.

  3. And of course – you can’t ask me to remove Tik-Tok, regardless if it may be a National Security Risk. It’s my RIGHT. Besides -who cares with all that Money ? Riyyyy ?

  4. Really? Now these are the same lefties that hid in safe spaces for years, attacked Mr potato head, the little mermaid and other Disney movies because they were offended by them not being "woke" and of course now stomping their feet and throwing their toys over the SC rulings. Yeah you guys have room to talk

  5. Former "first lady" melnane trump was born a man…Melvin Knauss. I happen to know the surrogate who plopped out challenged little barry trump. She split the fee with that porn star chick.

  6. Baby boomers, if the world survives
    will be the worst generation. Angry
    racist , misogynistic , homophonic
    And spoiled beyond what their parents
    could have imagined.

  7. JAIL ‘STUPID’ 2022
    Americans say Jan 6 is the ‘Big Lie’
    World says Jan 6 is ‘Gullible Americans’

  8. ANGRY TRUMP 2022 $$
    A angry soul opens its mouth
    And shuts its mind to reason.
    All who stay slow to anger
    Are loved by more each season.

    Hatred snuffs the lamp of thought
    And it’s hard to stay serene.
    Where anger rules hatred thrives
    As the world we love turns mean.

    All who fan the coals of hate
    Have no reason to complain.
    If some hot sparks scorch their face
    Their torments multiply their pain.

    Anger is a human madness
    Which consumes both heart and mind.
    Those who rule their spirit with love
    Shall be praised by all mankind.

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart
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  9. There were a solid 3 to 4 jokes in here that actually made me laugh out loud that was pretty good

  10. I don’t know why everybody is so surprised about “the conniption”. We all knew who the Donald was and is.

  11. How his supporters still aren’t embarrassed by the big baby is beyond me . tossing food against the walls , like can you get any more toddler tantrum ?

  12. I hope the pods include their carryon luggage. So tired of getting a concussion from them getting the stuff down. If they have too much it can crowd them instead of us trying to find a spot. Maybe there can be a scale for each pod so they can balance the plane better. I remember they had to take luggage off once because we were overloaded due to a passenger.

  13. You rock and ur writers I have four I get my low down and yes I said low down but y r the lighter version I appreciate greatly keep it up these days need it 🤟🏼

  14. Anybody who says anything about Trump it becomes Gospel. Now when there is clear and abundant evidence even voice mails of Joe Biden committing crimes and receiving millions from foreign countries, you ignore it, that my friends is a HYPOCRITE

  15. The current president is throwing the whole country against the wall and its looking a whole lot messier than ketchup….

  16. Trump behaving like a child who is always upset when things don’t go how he wants is the funniest & saddest thing at the same time. 😂😂 the king of man children

  17. Why are people all of a sudden surprised that Trump threw a temper tantrum? He literally did it on the daily for his whole presidency

  18. Ah desperation and ridiculous stories by the left to distract from Biden’s soaring gas prices.. I wonder if the death of Jimmy Fallon would help them out?

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