Tulsa Divorce Attorneys & Associates | Legal Separations Attorney in Tulsa |

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys & Associates | Legal Separations Attorney in Tulsa |


Sometimes divorce happens. Regardless of how hard you have worked the marriage just doesn’t work! Even more often their are children of the marriage and certain property that needs divided. If this sounds like your situation you need a Divorce attorney in Tulsa who knows what you ‘re going through.

Agreed Divorce: This type of divorce happens when all the parties to the divorce agree on all issues. If applicable this includes both child custody and visitation. An agreed divorce requires certain procedures per Oklahoma Statutes but in essence simply requires the signature of the other party.

Contested Divorce: Reasons for a contested divorce can grow out of many different reasons. The primary reasons are child custody, alimony and child support, just to name a few. In this situation you will need an attorney to file motions for temporary orders as to all the disputed issues. From this point on the process will involve meditation and finally, if the issues cant be settled after negotiation and mediation the divorce gets set for trial. Many divorces don’t end in a trial but when they do you need the help of an experienced Tulsa Divorce Attorney.

If you are suffering through a divorce or child custody matter don’t go it alone. Our Divorce attorneys in Tulsa Oklahoma have helped countless people work thorough their family and divorce cases. We understand divorce and work to get you the custody and property division that’s entitled to you under the law. Call today for a Free consultation on divorce and child custody. 918-539-302-0303

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