Ugly divorce lawyer tells men not to date #Nurses, #Teachers and SAHMS! When lawyers are NARCISSISTS

Ugly divorce lawyer tells men not to date #Nurses, #Teachers and SAHMS! When lawyers are NARCISSISTS

Her TikTok channel is: jettiegirl28

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I think I just started a nuclear war #divorce #divorcetok #BigComfy #EasyWithAdobeExpress

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Ugly divorce lawyer tells men not to date nurses, teachers and Stay at home moms
(SAHM)! Even though lawyers rank high in narcissism and divorce! I love how the narcissist didn’t include lawyers in this since ALL studies show that female lawyers make the worst wives!
Again, the nerve of an unfeminine lawyer talking since they are the top profession of narcissist women! I’d never tell a man to ever marry a lawyer!
Also, stay at home moms?? Wtf? So a woman should run into debt and force herself into a career? Its a woman’s right to be a sahm/sahw! Men prefer that.

The notion that a woman must prove her merit by striving to compete with men and beat them at their own game is just sad. Feminism pushes women to try to be the same as men, entering the same fields, working the same long hours, having the same level of promiscuity, and falsely promises that women will have the same outcome as men do. Women and men have vastly different needs and natures, and running in the same hamster wheel as men just to prove that she can brings no real happiness to a woman, but she discovers this only when it’s too late. By the time most women realize the futility of competing with men in their spheres, it’s too late to rewind and do it differently. The window for what does bring most women true happiness, namely children and a stable family, has closed, and it’s too late to go back for it.
This quote online is true:
Women who are perpetual students and/ or careerists tend to do so at the expense of family. Feminism promises women that they do it all and have it all: they can climb up the corporate ladder and get multiple PhD’s while also having a husband, starting a family, and mothering children. This is a fantasy that does not play out this way in reality. Countless working women with big careers tend to have dysfunctional relationships and family lives, simply because they put career first. Family gets the leftovers. Even women who are not high-profile lawyers or have other unusually-demanding jobs, statistics reveal that their mental health suffers from the constant stress of being pulled in too many different directions. Unable to focus fully on their professional life but also unable to dedicate themselves fully to home, family, or children, they suffer from feelings of overwhelming depression and chronic anxiety. They try to do everything but simply cannot, exhausting themselves in the process. This is why these burnt out women hate stay at home wives resting in their feminine. This is why these women want every other woman to suffer like them..all in the name of “FEMINISM”. I’d hate to be a rich woman

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