Umjolo and the Law : Relationship agreements, marriage and divorce in the law of Zimbabwe

Umjolo and the Law : Relationship agreements, marriage and divorce in the law of Zimbabwe

How the law is useful in communicating and establishing agreements with your partner in “umjolo”, bride price (lobola or roora), dating, marriage and divorce negotiations.


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Hosted by two sisters, Amanda and Banele Ndlovu, both in the legal profession.

Amanda is registered legal practitioner of the High Court of Zimbabwe.

Banele is studying Bachelor of Law LLB in Malaysia.


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  1. Thank you so much, please talk about inheritance, if two siblings where left a house by a mom and one wants their share as in in the form of money (selling the house) whats the procedure

  2. Back in zim and will be doing my conversion exams soon, it’s interesting to learning about Zim family law in such a fun way✨

  3. Hey Amanda, what right does a woman have, after she dumps her infant at someone’s door and has not raised that child since? I have situation where a child was dumped on a 69 year old grandmother, and she had to raise that child as hers since then. Now the child needs a birth certificate as she is going into grade 7 next year. The mother was contacted to get a birth certificate for the child and she is reluctant to help the child. My question is, why should she be afforded any rights over this child? How can we go ahead and obtain a birth certificate without her? Let me know please if there is a way to avoid causing more pain to this child by subjecting her or reminding her of this unloving mother. Could we not get the birth certificate by any other means and continue with life without involving this unwilling mother. Or can we involve the law to force her to get the birth certificate for the child?

  4. I have a right to the freedom of religion and I’d like to win the constitution competition 🇿🇼💪🏽😅

  5. I’m a LLB student and I enjoy your videos..🤗
    I hope to see you in Byo and also get to engage with you 😊😊

  6. 1st of all lawyer bae is glowing shem🔥
    2nd thank you for shedding some light on lawful mjolo
    Please do address the whole small house being a wife and having rights issue… Might want to shake some tables

  7. Amazing content. About to check some of your other uploads. BTW, I think you should check promosm! Really think that it could help you grow your channel quicker!!!

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