Uncontested Divorce in Florida

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

An uncontested divorce is a great way to do the divorce process. In an uncontested divorce, both the parties have already decided how they’re going to divvy up their assets and debts. If there’s going to be alimony, they’ve already decided on the amount and the payment schedule. And if there are going to be kids, they’ve already decided on where their kids are going to spend their nights and how decisions are going to be made. In an uncontested divorce, the attorney helps by doing the following.

Uncontested Divorce in Florida
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  1. As you have mentioned one of the parties can go to the court. What if my partner has made me sign the papers and I did it without reading that they were divorce papers or forge my signature
    How can I check the divorce records

  2. Do I have to be in Florida? We were married there in 97, currently I’m in NY. I haven’t lived there since 2020.

  3. Do I have to have a lawyer to get uncontested divorce? What if the other party is not working out with me to do so? Not even responding on me on any of financial support for my child. Is there any free lawyer available in Florida? Palm beach

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