Understanding Divorce In Atlanta (And Georgia In General)

Understanding Divorce In Atlanta (And Georgia In General)

Here at the Fairell Firm, we specialize in all aspects of family law, along with personal injury. If you are considering filing for divorce in Georgia, watch this video and visit https://fairellfirm.com to meet with a female divorce lawyer who will work with you throughout the divorce process.

In today’s video, we’ll address everything from divorce vs. legal separation to where to file for divorce to grounds for divorce and more. To work with a divorce attorney in Atlanta, GA, visit https://fairellfirm.com today. Our local divorce attorneys will work hard to represent you and your case.


  1. Thanks for your video.. Very informative. My question. If you purchase a home during a legal separation is it still considered marital property when you divorce in Georgia? Thank you again

  2. I have signal on my tax I do just about every on my own were I move to since 2013 or 2014 I need help I not that good of reading some time I was in a special class i still have trouble understand I not using special class as a crunch but I trying to understand

  3. You are beyond awesome…
    Thank you so much for this video!
    That’s why I love living in Georgia you get to see beautiful smart intelligent womennot to say that’s not the way of the world but it’s more so prominent in Georgia.

  4. My wife is the head of household, she ask me to move out to give her space, She is in Therapy and now says she wants a divorce, married for 13 years everything is in her name 2 kids under 11 I’m so lost

  5. My wife is the breadwinner she was injured on the job and we were going through financial hardship during her time out of for about 2 years work. She got her settlement money, she told me that she wants a divorce and was going to give me some money. She never gave me any money, she just threatened and harassed and got a lawyer to get me to sign divorce papers and pay for child support. She is also trying to get her lawyer to prevent me from seeing or contacting my child. What can I do since I am unable to afford a lawyer? Great Video 💯 🔥!

  6. Hello my name is Anthony how are you doing I want to do a uncontested divorce I am not that good of understand ing about the uncontested divorce I need help to understand and need help and translate so I can understand the judge as well I don’t have much money to get thing going

  7. No kids of my own or by her I don’t own no home I don’t own no car I doing for myself working oh yes that’s what I to here but I need help still

  8. Joi you are beyond beautiful……
    If I had a woman that looks like you I wouldn’t even be considering divorce.

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  10. what happens when one spouse wants divorce other doesn’t. the one who doesn’t want divorce is afraid to leave because it’s considered abandonment…..what rights does he have?

  11. Hopefully you see this message. I’ve been married for 2 years we have one child together. Am I able to get a free and clear divorce without child support, spousal support and alimony? I just want to end the marriage and my spouse doesn’t have to give me anything I just want us to share custody of our son.

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