Understanding Georgia’s Divorce Laws

Understanding Georgia’s Divorce Laws

In this episode of Pop de Jure, Attorney Chinwé Foster explains the two types of divorce in Georgia as well as other factors to consider before filing. Stay tuned for part two!

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  1. Color of Law has destroyed families. God keeps better records than any clerk of court can. Quit hiding and put your foreign agents registration statements on the records. Judgement is coming for your entire industry.

  2. I appreciate this type of content, I’m waiting on my husband to be served and I cant wait to get the process moving.

  3. You gotta pay to get married and divorced… I would just have a ceremony… me, my partner, family, friends and the universe.

    The western way of getting married is just extortion!
    Everything in this world was given free… Your heart is given free… why would you wanna allow someone to charge you to say that a person is your partner or you’re leaving a person?

    Everybody get paid from ripping you off… The judge, the prosecutor, the D.A, lawyers ect. They’re all apart of the BAR ASSOCIATION. Even in court the judge is supposed to pay court cost bcs he’s the TRUSTEE settling the case… You’re the BENEFICIARY! It’s all fraud!

    I’d go back to our roots and not the way of this system! A piece of paper saying you’re married or divorced… both carry the same weight as your word being bond. Neither is set in stone if one of the individuals or both decide to call it quits. One costs you no money either way, and the other costs you both ways.

    In Libiya they get paid when their marriage not them paying to get married or divorced!

  4. My the church is The Church and politics is politics. Let them talk what they and the church talk what we talk.

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