US shoots down 4th flying object over Lake Huron | DW News

US shoots down 4th flying object over Lake Huron | DW News

The US shot down another airborne object near the US-Canadian border on Sunday – the fourth unidentified object to be shot down by US fighter jets over the past week.
The series of incidents began when a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was shot down on February 4. US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told ABC’s Meet the Press on Saturday that he believes objects shot down on Friday and Saturday were also surveillance balloons of some kind.


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  1. Those UFOs can’t become only FOs because of identifiedlessness since China still doesn’t admit them to be of China and with the purpose of spying.

  2. Why have we still not heard a strong statement from our president to China’s leader telling them that this must not continue and there will be consequences if it does!? How many spy devices and how many days of these illegal shenanigans does it take?!

  3. Unidentified. Here comes "aliens". Someone, knows the truth. This will be the excuse for people disappearing in the Rapture.

  4. The shot down over Canada are being investigated by Canada. So im going to assume the US news would be last to know what is going on. Even if this is not UFOs this is still pretty scary stuff. Why all of a sudden so many and all different from wah other. the pilots said they could not see any sort of propulsion system. That’s not strange? Do we need to stat worried we are going to be attacked from above by some secret china poison? Covid did not kill enough of the world population so now its something else? If your not scared or concerned your nuts. Nothing about our world seem normal anymore. Many of us started noticing things seemed off starting around 2016. When America proudly elected a known crook and conman, to run the country. And even after they found out he did not legitimately win, without the help of Russia. they kept him and did not void the election. He committed provable crime after crime, including geting thousands of americans killed over covid and sending his minions to kill his VP And they punish him by letting him take a second run at burning the country. If it had been 100 years ago he would have been swinging in the breeze, like he wanted for his VP. Too much crazy and things that do not make sense.

  5. blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks nation shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war anymore. you must understand the time that we live. Just as the days of Noah. Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.

  6. On Saturday evening, my car slid off the road and hit a stop sign, which then flew off in the direction of Lake Huron. Mystery solved!

  7. Am buying Valentine Balloon and will send to US sky so when they shoot it down LOVE will pour right out from the Balloon across all the country as tht’s what the world needs now, LOVE SWEET LOVE…

  8. It’s so refreshing to watch foreign news outlets. American outlets dummy down content that can be consumed and discarded as fast as possible. It also has to be inoffensive to those on the political right.

  9. The top US senator "believes" these crafts were something or other? What? WTF is happening in the US? Why doesn’t Schumer have legit information and instead must cornered into "believing" something about the crafts that are being shot down daily by the US military?

  10. My guess its either EMP rehearsal attemp. Germany had UFO technology ready before they were defeated. They kept it underground for the WW3 and the 3reich

  11. Esto pasa cuando torean al toro aka 🇷🇺 china solo esta prestando su logotipo pero El significado NATO lo save
    Es tienpo del canvio Para areglar los asuntos

  12. I don’t think it’s a balloon, balloons don’t usually fly at dozens of time the speed of sound like that octagon did.

  13. Conspiracists always say that these UFOs are American inventions from AREA 51, but the many shutdowns prove them false. 🤦🏼

  14. Yesterday it was a "cylindrical object", now it’s an "octogonal" object… The aliens must think we are so dumb we need a lesson in geometry….

  15. I must be possible to use instruments to look through these objects, take detailed fotos, bring them down without destroying them with expensive rockets, send a ballon or drone up to attach and bring down with weights, listen to signals from them – and many other methods to find out what they are

  16. I haven’t ever really actively "liked" a reporter before, but something about Stefan Simons is enjoyable. Use him more!

  17. I wish they would just say, “I have no idea what I’m talking about but if I did I would be lying about it”.

  18. First was a chinese "spy" balloon and now these… A lot of BS going on. They are just trying to cover up something.

  19. Who gets paid to analyze these objects and what kind of border crisis is Biden in. What’s next flying eggplants.

  20. "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans” Stephen Hawking 😫

  21. Seems to me someone is testing the air defense capebilities of the US. And if you look at the earth from ontop and roughly reconstruct their routes, you can see that the last 3 objects all came from Russias far east region which has a lot of known and also unknown air bases.

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