USCIS I-130 April 2022 Processing time for Spouse, Parent, Children & Sibling in USCIS centers in US

USCIS I-130 April 2022 Processing time for Spouse, Parent, Children & Sibling in USCIS centers in US

US Immigration.

Family Immigration & I-130 Processing time for April 2022

Form i130 is “Petition for Alien Relative” is filed to establish a valid family relationship exists between a US citizen or green card holder and a person seeking a green card. This form is often simply referred to as the “I-130 petition”.

The Department of State has posted the Visa Bulletin for March 2022.

Filing the I-130 petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS, which is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, otherwise called as DHS, is the first step in the family-based green card process.

Who can apply i-130

Then the processing time will vary between California, Nebraska, Potomac & Texas Service center depending on who is applying for visa or Green card for family.

If a Permanent Resident or Green Card holder is filing for a spouse or child under 21 years of age.

If a US Citizen filing for a spouse, parent, or child under 21 years of age.

If a US citizen is filing for an unmarried son or daughter over 21 of age.

If a Permanent Resident or Green Card holder is filing for an unmarried son or daughter over 21 years of age.

If a US Citizen is filing for a married son or daughter over 21 years of age.

If a US Citizen is filing for a sibling, that is a brother or sister.

each has different processing times.

Alternatively You can also get in touch with CIS Ombudsman for assistance in such situation, they will work with USCIS to help you further. check our earlier video’s to know the detailed process of contacting and working with CIS Ombudsman.

For Future family based category movements.
No Potential movement expected in coming months for f1, f2a, f2b, f3, f4 categories.

In this video we will discuss about what Visa’s and their priority order in detail (starting from IR category, ending with Tourist B1 & B2 visa).
IR-1, CR-1, IR-2, IR-3, K1, SE1, TN, H2, B2 Visa appointments.

You can also have a quick look at individual country wise embassy visa processing status worldwide

Philippines US embassy / Consulate status –
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Brazil US Embassy –

State Department April 2022 Visa Bulletin:
USCIS Feb Bulletin:
USCIS Case processing time:
USCIS Case processing time more info:

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02:56 How long I130 processing takes
03:17 California center I130 processing time
05:06 Nebraska center I130 processing time
06:53 Potomac center I130 processing time
08:36 Texas center I130 processing time
10:20 Vermont center I130 processing time
12:05 What is USCIS SR (Service Request)
12:36 How to speed up I130 processing


  1. My f3 category I 130 prority date is 30 August 2010 California service center, I didn’t get any letter till now. Please help.

  2. Petitioner green card holder.
    I applied for my spouse .
    my 2 kids , ages 2 and 5 .
    Do I have to fill separate forms for my each kid?

  3. Hello and thank you for the video . My brother and his daughter been waiting for an interview and still waiting. So how to apply the request service because his daughter is she will reach age of 21 ? Can you help me please

  4. Hi sir when my IL?My PD is October 10 2020 and my DQ is July 6 2021 until now still waiting my interview letter i wish this month we have an IL

  5. In the present, my mother is living at a rental house, so I’ll answer the question about the beneficiary’s address now is the address of the rental house, is it right?

  6. I received update from uscis that Notice is returned to Uscis because post office could not deliver it.I have I 130 pettition and my elder brother is an America.And same notice deliver to my other brother on same address which we mention it.My question is that is my case denied or there is any chance through which they again send notice to me .Kind guide me and give reply.

  7. My sister in law filed for her husband to live with her and their daughter in the US over 3 years. Everything has been approved, he is and has been awaiting an interview date for over 2 years- immigration continues to email them saying that they need 60 more days ( over 5 times) What could be the problem with this process, and what can she do?

  8. Im a green card holder and have my lawyer processing i-130 petition for wife and kids .. in july 2021 and never heard anything yet but case number only .. idk why im hopeless and sad

  9. I am Lebanese, and my sister is a US citizen she applied for me in November 2015. (California Service Center)
    How long do you think I still have to wait?
    Do you think I have a chance to get a tourist VISA? Does it affect my application? I live and work in the UAE
    Thank you

  10. Me from India.. My wife applying my file from new York at November 18- 2021 .. And USCIS they Reweiwed my file at 4 march… So how long wait for next step? Anyone tell me please ❤🙏

  11. Hola como puedo obtener la tarjeta verde para ir a estados unidos con mi hija y la madre de mi hija no estamos casado pero si mantenemos una relación actual y soy de Nicaragua chinandega y estoy desempleado y tengo muchas gana de trabajar y sacar adelante a mi familia acá no esta nada normal económicamente

  12. Lol, by the time I finally can come back to my Family in the US my husband will get Dutch nationality from me. This is ludicrous.

  13. I married for 3years and add I still haven’t heard anything thing my husband being filing that time an my still here

  14. Please brother, I have a transaction from my mother with her green card. She gave me a green card when I am under 21 and now I am over twenty-one
    Is it treated as under 21 or over 21?

  15. What I wanna know if a parent filed for her unmarried son and his children but only one child is accomping him and he’s leaving some behind how long does it takes him to come back for the rest of children

  16. Nothing is being done, just paper talk. They keep moving the processing time for my case further everytime the previous date is close

  17. Am happy that it’s moving fast, i just file my mom documents to adjust her status in February and she did her biometric already

  18. Hi how long it take to renew my wife green card in California its expired in January 19/2019 the problem changed address

  19. Petitioner: US citizen
    Category IR5(parentOfUScitizen)
    PriorityDate: March 2019
    DQ: March 2021
    Still waiting for Schedule of interview😱

  20. Over the past two years I was interested in relocating Abroad,I did a survey between, Australia, Canada and UK, I wanted to know which one would suite me as an Immigrant,after the survey I decided to Relocate to Canada,it became my primary aim,I set out to start my Immigration Process,I did my first Application it was not successful,I also did a job application it didn’t work out,I tried so many times and I was beginning to lose hope, luckily i called my sister living in Canada she referred me to a Legit Agent,I tried the agent it really worked out,am so much grateful for your work sir Mr Michael!

  21. My husband file cr1 on February 22 2019 still we waiting and not heard anything from USCIS please help my petition

  22. 😁Hello Mrs Sophia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  23. Is there B2 visa to travel for most important visit to see my brother’s family to see their pet due to our family loss in india to have some peaceful bond between us?

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