USCIS I-130 CR1, IR1 Spouse Visa Processing Times: December 2022

USCIS I-130 CR1, IR1 Spouse Visa Processing Times: December 2022 How long is USCIS taking to process I-130 Spouse Visa applications?. The initial and currently slowest stage your case needs to pass through is processing and review by USCIS. USCIS stands for United States
Citizenship and Immigration Service. For each processing center two estimates are provided, how long it takes for them to clear 80% of cases, and how soon you can chase if your case is delayed.

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Todays Topic is “How long is USCIS taking to process I-130 Spouse Visa applications
as of December 2,2022”

I am Fred Wahl the VisaCoach and I work for you to prepare and craft
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Today’s question is “How long is USCIS taking to process I-130 Spouse Visa applications”

To apply for your Spouse Visa, you first submit your Application to USCIS. USCIS processes the application
and when they are done, USCIS forwards your case to the State Department for further processing
and final interview at a US embassy or consulate in your partners home country.

The initial and currently slowest stage your case needs to pass through is processing and review
by USCIS. USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

To submit your application you mail it to either USCIS’s Elgin,Illinois or Phoenix,Arizona lockbox.

Which mailbox you should send your case to depends on what State you reside in.

At the respective lockboxes, USCIS mailroom clerks, sort all applications and decides where each should go. They are assigned to
one of 5 possible processing centers scattered around the USA.

The theory behind this is that the sorting clerks can “balance the load” between centers.

Sorry, you can’t choose your preferred destination. It is completely up to the clerks.

Here are the expected timing for these five processing centers.

For each center I provide you with two time estimates. The first is how long it takes
for that center to complete processing on 80 percent of the cases it is assigned,

and the second is the earliest date USCIS allows you to contact them to chase the
progress of your case If it is still pending, a few months after their expectation of when
the majority of similar cases submitted the same time had finished their processing.

At the California Service Center,

I-130, 80% of Spouse Visa cases are taking 10.5 months
Earliest time allowed to chase is 13 months after submission

At the Nebraska Service Center

80% are at 10.5 months
earliest complaint at 13.5 months

At the Potomac Service Center
12 months
15 months

At the Texas Service Center
11.5 months
15 months

At the Vermont Service Center
16 months
and 21 months

This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach,

here to personally guide you on this journey.


  1. Hi! My husband lives in the US and I am in australia. I’m hoping the process doesnt take any more than 2 years, hoping to submit my i-130 / i130a by march. Is it possible to get accepted by december or is that too much of a reach?

  2. Hello
    My application now 14 plus months.(cr1)
    It was at nebraska transferred to ca.
    Is there anything i can do ?

  3. Hello, i wanted to inquire about withdrawal of spousal visa application process. My brother’s wife (usa citizen) filed a spousal visa for my brother [the initial step was approved and case is under the state of department] still processing. last updated date was 01/10/2022. unfortunetly all is not well between the couple and is separated now. So can you guide how an applicant can write a withdrawal letter. Also can i file for my brother(i am a US citizen). thanks!

  4. hey my passport has been in the us embassy for about 7 months now its a ir-1 case when will i get my visa

  5. Hey Fred! I’m currently active duty in the US Navy stationed overseas in Bahrain. My fiancé and I live together and plan on doing a double proxy marriage. My prospective rotation date from Bahrain is April of 2024. How likely do you think it would be that my wife will be able to travel with me? Would there be anything we can do on our end to speed along the process?

  6. thank you for all these information you provide
    well, I have a question my wife got her green card last week, but one letter was missing from her middle name on the green card so the question is can she travel with this issue?

  7. Hello Sir Good Morning
    My DQ in August 13th,22 .
    Still I’m waiting for my IL in UAE (Abu Dhabi) my county of origin is India ..
    Please help me to know when shall I get it ,

  8. Hey coach i really appreciate your videos, currently I’m stuck with a very disappointing situation, so i applied for my wife when i was permanent resident, this year i got my citizenship, and we have our first kid , i added my kid to my wife’s case paid the visa fee and completed DS260 my kid documents were approved, unfortunately i received another email they asked me to file separate case for my kid and they removed my kid from my wife case, idk what to do, i cant leave my toddler to behind without her mom in a country like Afghanistan, any advice would be greatly appreciated

  9. Hlw Sir !! Cr1 category my husband has applied for me 2022 February, it was from Protomac service center but still I don’t get any Approval Letter ? How long I have to wait for it Sir ?

  10. Hi coach is I’m Bangladesh, my wife sponsored me she is us citizen.
    Visa category is ir1
    PD January 2021
    And DQ 16 December 2022
    How long it could take to get visa interview letter,Thank you

  11. Hey visa coach this question is not related to the video , its about a friend of mine who is on a k1 visa in the USA currently for 5 months she got married but didn’t apply for social security Number yet would she still be able to? And does i94 expire for K1 ?

  12. Hi Mr. Wahl I have a question , my fiancé is coming soon to the USA but Iam wondering if AFTER getting married with in the 90 day mark how much time do I have to file AOS for her and two children?

  13. does UsCis Really giving Fair case Approval To All Applicant couples??? Are they not auto robot portal? this Feb 2023 we have Complain from our group of couples who filed for cr1 visa ,one couple got approved after 10 months . and the other couple they are more than one year already waiting. And u know whats d diffrence of the both cases of this couples. the one who got approved after 10months they never met in person! & d other case they got married and they have seen each other before they file… so whats happening? do they really reviewing cases fairly?????😅

  14. Hi sir my dq is sep 2022 mumbai embassy any guesses by when i will be receiving interview letter?

  15. I have a question please in NVC center they’re saying that if you ever stayed in any country for any reason more than 6 months then you should obtain a criminal background check from that country besides your home country background check too but in my case I couldn’t get the criminal background check from the country I’ve been living in for more than 6 months and I tried contacting the embassy of the country I’ve been in to get the criminal background check but they didn’t help me and i found it a very hard way to get it I only get the criminal background check of my own country and my question is
    Is it fine if I didn’t mention that I’ve been in that country before and I’ll send only the criminal background check of my own home country only because i really didn’t know how to get the other background check they’re not helpful in embassy and thank you for your time sir

  16. okay…good info…i live in washington state and am going to be traveling to the Philippines to marry my Filipina fiance. Should I set up a consultation with you before I leave and start the process now? I have many questions. We’ve known each other for a year and I’ve visited her once and met some of her family back in August. Just wondering what the best way to go about this.

  17. @visacoach Sir kindly confirm , is there any backlog going on in CR1 category in india nvc?
    It was 12 months processing time before covid , how many months waiting time is now?


  18. I have green card in USA , and came last year here in USA, which visa category is best to apply for the spouse to get her here in USA in the minimum time , TIA VISACOACH

  19. Hello, My husband has been documentarily qualified (officially because the NVC actually accepted our paperwork in November and didn’t update the system right away) since December 13, 2022 but we have not received any news for our interview in his home country. Is this a normal wait time? Our priority date is June 22, 2021.

  20. i have a question if i pay my taxes in installment plan does it impact my wife’s immigration case for spouse visa???

  21. Hello sir . M salman from india . I come to usa before 2 weeks by the spouse visa . Before 3 days I get SSN when I ll get the green card ? How long it can take it ?

  22. Hello sir,My DQ send by nvc on 22 november2022. Can u tell me plz when my welcome letter send by nvc????

  23. Hello, I have a question about the CR1 Visa. It is Documentarily Qualified on Dec-23, 2022, How Long does it gonna take to schedule the interview in the US embassy in Nepal???

  24. Hello Sir!
    From Bangladesh
    My husband lives in USA and he is a green card holder.
    He applied for me on 25 February 2022.But the approval letter has not come till now.
    How long can it take?

  25. uscis given us estimate processing time of 4 month for approve i130 form but this estimate time about 4 month complete only two month decrease why??

  26. Hello coach fred i ask my immigrants visa just approved i have 2 kids unmarried do my husband need to adopt them before i can bring them to the US or automatically i can bring my 2 kids even my husband didn’t adopt them?hope to hear from you soon thank you in advance

  27. Hello sir fred, may I ask if its better to withdraw the fiance visa that was approved before before filing for a spousal visa or not?

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