Vermont Marital Settlement Agreement – EXPLAINED

Vermont Marital Settlement Agreement – EXPLAINED

Official Vermont Marital Settlement Agreement:

A Vermont Marital Settlement Agreement establishes a divorce’s terms and conditions that were agreed upon by a married couple, such as which spouse will receive certain assets or property upon the marriage’s dissolution. Additionally, the spouses can determine how children-related arrangements will be dispersed post-divorce, which can be sole or split (see “Custody Table” below).

A well-drafted settlement can make way for an uncontested divorce (known as “Stipulated Divorce” in Vermont) that saves both time and money by utilizing some crucial factors discussed in this video.

In this video, we go into detail about:
– How a marital/divorce settlement agreement works and its essential functions;
– The importance of a formal, written settlement agreement;
– Legal divorce requirements in Vermont; and
– Where to get an official template!

Both spouses may quicker the process by creating this document and presenting it before a Superior Court Judge, provided both spouses hold shared views on distribution terms. This way, the divorce stands to be faster and more affordable instead of undergoing multiple trial proceedings or hiring a costly attorney.

For more information about Vermont marital settlement agreements, their functions, and some key legal requirements, watch our video and head to the link above for an official template!

Vermont Marital Settlement Laws: Title 15, Chapter 11

Free Version:

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