Virginia Divorce│How To Look For A Lawyer by Virginia Divorce Attorney

Virginia Divorce│How To Look For A Lawyer by Virginia Divorce Attorney I’m going to sort of go against the convention and tell you that the Yellow books are not the proper places or the best places for you to go to find out which attorney should represent you because what you’re going to find is that all of the ads for family lawyers are going to talk about—they do family law, they do custody, divorce, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution and it doesn’t tell you one thing about their qualifications or their capabilities. All it does is give you an address or phone number.

And the best way to seek out an attorney, one is from getting referrals from friends, two would be to go on to the internet and look up Virginia divorce attorneys and then go do your homework on these attorneys and find out which ones—where they’re educated, what have they done, what cases have they argued or what information do they make available to you as a consumer of legal services and you’ll see that some and I know that we do provide a book on what every Virginia woman should know about divorce. We provide monthly seminars where you cannot only go and be informed about the divorce process and what you’re entitled to, but you can meet the attorneys or attorney or therapist that will maybe help you decide whether these people are who you want to represent you.

So don’t think that going to the Yellow book and finding somebody who has a full page ad is the way to pick your divorce attorney. You are much more sophisticated than that.

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