Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

Vital Records: (Where to Find Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Records for Genealogy)

Do you know where to find vital records like birth, marriage, death and divorce records? In this video we’ll talk about what can be found in vital records, the strength of those records as evidence and where to find them. This discussion is specific to vital records within the United States of America. Vital Events and Records is Episode 13 as part of the Learn Genealogy Series on Genealogy TV. #genealogy #familyhistory #genealogytv

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– “The Source Book, A Guide of American Genealogy,” by Arlene Eakle and Johni Cerny

Where to find Vital Records: 
– Where to Write for Vital Records

– National Center for Health Statistics

International Vital Records Handbook, now in it’s 7th Edition as of this writing.

– Go to The Atlas of Historical County Boundaries for a timeline of border changes.

– Where to look for vital records online?
Check the FamilySearch Wiki
– Also, go to, click search, then card catalog (or just go here)

Constance Knox, Genealogist, hosts.This is an episode of the educational video series “Learn Genealogy,” as part of the “In Search of Your Family Tree” show hosted on the Genealogy TV, YouTube channel.

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  1. hi how can I get my divorce papers in Illinois my divorce was in 2001.but I am in India now.i need it for immigration purpose. pls reply. thanks.

  2. Please help I am 39 years old born in San Antonio Texas never married but have 6 daughters. My whole entire family is born here as well. I have a ss card and a ID card but some how NO record of birth is found . I do not know what to do. Please help

  3. We presented all our documents in Washington state immigration office .Where can I get these documents becouse I have to show up at court in Washington state ?
    I am sorry but comment below me starts with a question and this is my second comment .

  4. How cool it is to see original docs for your kin from Laramie, Albany County, Wyoming. That marriage certificate for Christopher and Laura is pure gold. Either I didn’t know or I just forgot that Alma was born in Cheyenne. Interesting…. Lovin’ the vids – keep up the great work!

  5. Wow, thank you for sharing this! I’m very new to this kind of work, and that video was very helpful. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to just read all day, whether it’s reading the various wikis, sources in my genealogical search, or more information on how to conduct a search, and this video was a nice, informative break.

  6. Still searching for my nugget. I cannot find marriage or divorce info on my deceased parents, here in NC. I have also searched VA and SC. I seem to need counties. How to do a state wide search? My brother’s records as well as my own are not listed either. Weird. I know we exist… Anyway, thanks Connie for all the effort you put into your videos. I have watched many of them.

  7. Nugget found! I also have a question – for the 1917 to 1918 draft registration, was it ALWAYS the man who registered that gave the info? I’m trying to fix birth date for 2x great grandfather.

  8. hi how can l find out if l’m still married my husband he passed just this May 2020 and l was told he remarried but l don’t know if this true l called the king county clerks office and the person l spoke to did a little search for he said there was nothing but the person that handle this wasn’t in the office because the courts are closed and there still closed due to ( COVIT 19 ) but he said if he filled for a divorce if by the courts through a judge or a lawyer offices it would show but he didn’t see anything and he also said l should have received papers from court or lawyer office .
    So how can l find out if l’m still married to my husband or not we were married in 1991 and all this time l have never see anything l believe it was suppose to 2013 or maybe 2014 some where around this time but when ever l asked him for the papers or is it true he would never say and l said to him if you did just tell me and bring me the papers or mail it to and he never did this is why l never believed it was true and he never gave me the reason to thank it was real.
    Thank You for any help you can assist me with would be greatly appreciated.

  9. The death of certificate dos’not have my name on it as a Spouse .My husband died suddenly and the informant did not provide the exact details of the marriage section ( unknown) and my name (Surviving Spouse )My husband was an American Hungarian and in Budapest at the US embassy arranged the explosion permit .All our documents in Washigton State have been submitted to SSN and Work permit and Green card .Where Can I get the proof of marriage certification, birth certification my husband American citizenship? We are both married in Hungary and we have translated the whole documents into English and we presented

  10. My great grandmother needed her family Bible as proof to draw her Social Security. She was born in July of 1920 in Lenoir County but of course not everyone had a birth certificate filed for them at that time, especially because I believe she was born at home like her other siblings.

    Fortunately we do have that Bible and a scan out of the Bible for her mother’s dad’s side, whether it was scanned at that time or another. Those Bibles included some dates we didn’t have until recently discovering some tombstones and there’s also one for her sibling who died as an infant.

  11. I’ve heard of people obtaining their original birth records, the records that show their stamped baby foot prints along with the hospital wrist band- Has anyone here obtained these type of records?

  12. Hey can you give me some tips? My great grandfather’s ethnicity is unknown, he got adopted into a family and my family still can’t find his ethnicity and his birth last name.

  13. I have the marriage certificate copy. They were married in Arkansas. Would I be able to look up the divorce record in that state? I do not know what state the divorce was filed in. Both are deceased. One was married 4 times. Married in 1967.

  14. Nugget Found! Thanks so much for the links and other ways to find information from different records. TFS ~Linda 🙂

  15. 2 of my great grandfathers were born in Scotland and Hungary, they both immigrated to America eventually and died here in the US. So the best way to start finding their ancestry it would be best to find there death certificate then?

  16. My father who was adopted was born in Queen Charlottes Hospital London March 1926 his mothers Ellen O’Flaherty’s address was 15 Marlborough Place NW8 which at the time was a Magdalena Home for unmarried mothers. Is it possible to get access to records of admissions to Magdalena homes and if so how.

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