W.E.ROCK Grand Nationals 2022 Part 1

W.E.ROCK Grand Nationals 2022 Part 1

The trip down(very uneventful). Then we went to Downtown Takeover, an event that’s part of the 4 Corners 4×4 Week in Farmington. Then the next day we got into the rock crawling comp. We lost alot of footage of the first day(dang GoPros) so this is a Mashup of day 1 and day 2. Thanks to everyone for watching and supporting us.

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  1. By far your best video to date! That young man looked and sounded absolutely excited, when you offered a ride. You and your team is the best! Thank you very much

  2. Man that’s some serious crawling there! Props to you Rory for the sharing the experience with one of I’m betting forever your biggest fans! He will never forget that!! Good Job Fellas!!

  3. Givin rides is what makes the man/team.Stan the Man ALWAYS had time for his fans as does the Moab Recovery Team. Great job guys.

  4. RORY’S superpowers on full display!!! And let’s not forget the importance of Shawn’s and Mike’s assistance in all phases. Just awesome that we got to see BOTH OF RIGS do what they were each built to do!

  5. Awesome channel guys..I like how down to earth you guys are,and you’re rigs are purpose built..and that you don’t have millions of dollars in those rigs..thanks for staying real for the working man πŸ’ͺ

  6. That was awesome, you guys rock, sweet you gave little man some offroad experience…look on his face told all πŸ˜‰

  7. > The dust, the smoke, the smell of burning rubber and that’s me watching Rory climb over some tuff climbs. Do those judges run that course? Like to see them show us if a perfect score is possible. Anyways thanks for all you and the crew do from helping others to making wishes come true. You Rock.

  8. Trail Mater is a work off post-industrial, post-apocalyptic art. It’s fun just to look at. So cool that youngster got a ride. Well done!

  9. Looked like so much fun wheeling even if it was timed and all! Way to go making that little guy’s entire day taking him for a spin in trailmater! Warms the heart seeing small acts of kindness that make the biggest of impacts!

  10. I enjoyed the video but taking the kid for a ride and his excitement afterwards was the best! You’re a good man Rory!

  11. I’m sure the kid in the end is still smiling!!
    So awesome.
    Great video as always and you already your crew is top notch

  12. You’re a good dude, Rory. And you have an awesome crew. I feel like you all three would be awesome to have a beverage or two with.

  13. Great video!!……Competing at that level is hard core!!……That’s why you guys are going to win the tow truck competition!!…….Paul will be coming on strong and be willing to destroy his truck for the win!…….Matt will have teething issues……But my money is on you guys!!

  14. Results? Hey guys, I see other channels raising money for charity. I’ve donated to Robby and Matt for their causes, I’m thinking you could do the same. Pick your fav charity and run a fund raiser. make a wish? or something local…. nice to give kids rides. Love to see it!

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