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  2. For simple divorce, no significant assets, just a joint bank account with less than $20,000, and less than 10 yrs of being married (8 yrs to be exact), with a Prenuptial agreement stating that no spousal support from any party in case of divorce and that all assets (with significant amount) acquired during marriage will be distributed accordingly, would you recommend to do it ourselves or hire a lawyer?
    Thank you!

  3. Hi, nice video. My wife and I decided to divorce, uncontested. We are in
    California and both want a divorce. We were married in the UK, is it ok
    to get a divorce here? Same rules based on California? I do not expect
    disagreement in terms of finance. Our kids are over 24 years old.
    Should I file the petition first before agreeing on the financial
    details? Or should we create a marriage agreement with all the financial
    details before the petition? How to create a marriage agreement? Thank
    you. B.

  4. I have a question. My stepfather filed for divorce years ago and couldn’t pay the fees so it was on paused my mom wants to know what she can do to get divorce without paying since he was the one that started the process but never finished it.

  5. Thank you so much this was very Informative, I had a question is it still possible to file if one of the sides is incarcerated out of the state, they were married in SF. I am trying to help my çousin whom is incarcerated in Texas now.

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  7. Is the California online divorce site legit, it says its based in San Francisco so maybe you might know yes?

  8. Mam I was married in san Jacinto county in Stockton in 2013 but me and my wife have been separated two weeks into our
    Marriage until now which has been 8 years next month. My wife is giving me a hard time about filing. I told her it would be easier for her to file since we were married in California. It would be harder for me to file since I dont live in California. How should I do this. I have filed for divorce before without a spouse, but she lives in the same city as me, this is different. I wanna file, i just want this over. We dont have anything together. I wanna file on my own without her consent. How should I do this

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