Wayback Wilkos: Husband Confesses

Wayback Wilkos: Husband Confesses

Kallahan never told Victoria his history of cheating on her before marriage. Watch his confession… #SteveWilkos #WilkosNation

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  1. The older you get the less ppl you can trust… That’s facts y’all!!! I actually don’t trust anyone, don’t put anything past anyone. You’ll feel like a fool otherwise ,ppl need to prove themselves to you always.

  2. He ain’t nobody important.😂 Why would women chase him and ask for his autograph?

  3. They act like they are auditioning for a show. Like, "Romeo and Juliet" ghetto/black version.. like they poorly rehearsed that before getting there 🤦‍♀️

  4. It’s crazy how cheaters want to be forgiven for cheating but can’t get over the fact their partner won’t forgive them. It’s crazy.

  5. i try to put myself in these situations when i watch this stuff, and i just can’t understand how she stayed calm. woulda snatched my hand right from his and been laughing in his face 🙃🙃🙃

  6. LMFAO!!!!! They haven’t even been married that long and he’s proud of not cheating girl you neeed to leave he’s gonna cheat in less than two years GUARANTEED. He literally said if you did even once he’s GONE. GIRL RUN!!!!

  7. Child can still have a mother and father even if they are not together. Get rid of whore male. Girl GO!

  8. Steves talking about trust and having each others back……when she just lost every bit of trust because he was cheating…..🤨😳

  9. Here….ski the counseling sessions, I’ll tell you EXACTLY why that fool did what he did.
    It’s because he doesn’t respect her. He doesn’t value her. He’s selfish, egotistical and has bad character.
    No matter how many times he says he’s "ready", he will find (or create) an excuse to cheat again.
    What an utter slap in the face to tell the person who just found out they’d been cheated on that you’re FINALLY ready to "love" them and be committed.
    FOH, chiiile 😂🚫🚫🚫🚫

  10. This was not the first time he’d been to court for domestic violence. I don’t credit the court for anything. He got a pitiful sentence for murder and he’d never been held accountable the first few times which is why this happened.

  11. I get how he feels. I have a hyper-*** drive too. But you can’t let it control you and let pleasure seeking ruin something great.

  12. Here is my question. Why go out and cheat?.. if your not happy or you don’t have intentions of being faithful then why be in a relationship.. why put someone through that hurt?.. if I was her I would leave him and only keep contact for the care of the child.. just leave me.. don’t waste my youth on the fact that you want to keep playing around.. if you can’t be honest and faithful stay out of my life..

  13. I will love to be on your show I think my husband is move on but pretend that th love me so much I want to know the truth he has married 4 tome now

  14. What I don’t understand is why would you want to come on TV to tell her this. This is very embarrassing and dumb. Doesn’t make any sense to me

  15. You took the relationship seriously after the child. You hurtful part is you had it never been for the child you would have NEVER taken me seriously

  16. This is why you should just be single..you can have all the nudes you want, screw whoever you want and send them packing!!!! No feelings no attachments no one gets hurt….

  17. Who caressss hope he got it together she’s not leaving hope they are raising they’re kid together in a safe positive environment like y’all be wishing the worst on cheaters lol get over it

  18. i dont get why ppl wait to go to the show in order to confess whatever it is that they did like do it at home smh

  19. how she want to be with a guy like this that cheated on her and lied to its beyond me I be like girl run you deserve better then that I sure wouldn’t want to give him a second chance you cant change for who they are and he will always be a cheater in my eyes no matter what I don’t care if he passed or not she needs to divorce him and find a better man he’s pathetic! 🙄😳

  20. I missed how long they’ve been married if it was said. If it’s only been a year or a few months, him having been fateful during the marriage doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I think she should save herself years of heartbreak and prepare to co-parent only. Cheaters rarely change. He may stop for a while, but more than likely he’ll start up again. Cheating is just so ugly. You put your partner at risk for disease. All the big and little lies to cover up the actual cheating, the phone calls, etc. Thinking of them laughing, flirting, approaching someone else, etc. It’s so much deeper than just the few minutes of sex. You just can’t trust them with anything. For me, once someone cheats, the trust is irrevocably broken. I agree with the poster who said someone who perceives their last infidelity prior to the marriage as a last hoorah is problematic. The commitment and monogamy was supposed to have been well before the marriage. The marriage is a formal symbol. He didn’t value her enough to honor that before, he can’t be trusted to do it after. The bloom of fatherhood and seeing her as the woman who birthed his child will fade and there will always be temptation, the possibility if you aren’t a person strong enough to say no.

  21. He sounds so fake, and to put this out there for the whole world to see, I feel so bad for her, it’s only a matter of time before he does it again

  22. Regardless of age & year it is when couples gets married or have children that should be their wake up call from not doing the cheating & doing bad things like doing substances

  23. She shouldn’t feel like the fool! He’s the fool!!! & He shouldn’t be shocked by her reaction! He started it by not taking their earlier relationship seriously & threw it away before he gave their relationship a chance. 🙄

  24. I heard something today it went like this….
    The older you get the less people you can trust
    You will continue to lose people you love
    The people you thought cared never did & you will learn family is not always blood

  25. It’s so refreshing to see a woman handle herself with such grace. She’s not screaming and carrying on, and I respect that. She deserves the best.

  26. He lied to spare her feelings then turned around and confesses on tv to embarrass her more … nah . He’s trash

  27. Him: I lied to spare her feelings
    Me: You could have refrained from cheating to spare her feelings

    Also me: She values herself. That’s refreshing. I hope she left him.

  28. I don’t trust anyone’s “regret” about cheating when they refer to it as a “last hoorah.” People celebrating their bachelor/bachelorette parties saying it’s their last night as a “free man/woman” just disgusts me. I’m monogamous, even when I was in more casual situations, but I understand that some people don’t feel that way. It’s fine if you need more than one person can give or you’re thrilled by playing the game or whatever. But don’t lie to someone and pretend to only focus on them when you know you’re not built that way. It’s just cruel and makes the other person feel worthless, betrayed, broken, jaded… if he has changed good for him but if I was her it wouldn’t matter to me. Betrayal is betrayal, even if it won’t continue

  29. When Steve said the older u get the less people u can trust I felt that 💯 say that again that’s my motive

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