We Flew Around The World To Play In This Pro-Am

We Flew Around The World To Play In This Pro-Am

Thank you to the Dubai Hero Desert classic for having us out!
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  1. Curious, in this format, if there is a hole in one on a par 3 with a stroke, would the handicapped player get a -3 on a par 3?

  2. I love good good and support the channel! Probably my favourite out of all the golf YouTube! I love each individual in good good and watch all there content! Matt is no way a 7 handicap! I’ve seen him shoot under par on his channel! I think Steave is a 7 and Matt a 3 in my opinion 👍🏻 sorry if this is negative lol keep up the hard work boys 💪🏼

  3. For the handicaps we submitted Matt as a 7, Steve as a 10 and kwon as a +3. Because of the course rating/difficulty the adjusted handicaps they calculated were the ones in the video which is Kwon at a +2, Steve at a 13 and Matt as a 10. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing just trying to add a little clarity.

  4. Thought I was watching a Curb episode for a second with that Real Beans Real Quick edit!!! That was so good haha

  5. Definitely need beef on the channel in the future absolutely love the guy one the reasons I got into golf was watching him. Great seeing him back playing. Go on Beeeeeefffff!! Steve looks a completely different golfer from the last video because g-rat making him slow down

  6. Best golf I’ve ever seen from Steve and I’m happy to see it. He’s the best (love everyone in good good) but always rooting for Steve

  7. Seems everyone has already mentioned it. Steve would be money if he could just stay slowed down in his swing. He rushes the transition, he duck hooks or tried to save it and flares right

  8. They are all playing really good golf…super surprising they don’t know their legitimate handicaps for as much as they play..I have a handicap and I play 20 times a year..

  9. Steve is not a 10 index. Handicapping takes your best 8 rounds out of the last 20. Steve is about a 6 or 7 index. Matt is about a 4 or 5 index at most.

  10. Beef is an ANIMAL!!!! This is a great video, and would love to have him on the channel again!

    Edit: That group photo!! LMAO

  11. Awesome Video guys!! Loving the Pro-Am content. If y’all are ever looking for new places to play we have some great Golf Courses here in Louisiana. It would be so cool to see yall play in person!!!

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