2. I won’t be watching future episodes. It just won’t be the same without Frank. You cannot improve upon perfection.

  3. Now you all understand why no one gives a shit! LOL I kill me. I have never watched this show. I have no idea who Frank or any of the other pickers are.

  4. Omg frank always wined to Mike like he was his mommy, he was a heavy load to carry friend or not-. I don’t blame Mike for letting the load go!

  5. Franks brother is ok on spots but not in a regular as Franks partner. Same goes for Daniel and that guy from New Jersey. None of them can carry the show. Frank is needed back. I don’t watch the new episodes without Frank. Too bland and somewhat boring.

  6. Mike is an a hole… Anyone that you call a friend while they constantly put you down and make you feel bad is not a friend. Youre better off without that in your life

  7. Start your own show frank . Who needs friends like that t@#t.
    Go frank. Will no longer watch it. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸

  8. We need the bearded guy. Mike, your brother reminds me of Lilith from CHEERS, he just doesn’t have a TV personality, unless you’re trying to put people to sleep. Sorry not sorry, just being my honest self.

  9. Yes frank was in it from day 1 u only first met robbie like sometime in season 1 when Mike n frank needed robbie n his truck for hauling a carnival set….., Just now I started watching the series again but before I’ve seen some shows aried never the whole series in order I’ve seen shows aired with Mike n robbie but I’m like where’s frank? I looked it up I hear he had back surgery he been out for 2 years Mike didn’t even spoked to him not even asked him how’s he doing n they known echouder for 40 years sounds like to me he was just an employee n a friend a friend won’t do that or there’s more to the story

  10. "I will miss Frank, just like all of you, I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next part of his journey"; Yeah right Mike, that’s why after his surgery you sent him flowers. What Mike doesn’t realize is that he Dani and Frank caught lightning in a bottle with probably the most interesting reality show that was ever invented and Frank Fritz was an integral part of that success, but I have a feeling that he probably was just another underpaid employee of the show. I knew from the Inception of Danny going out on the road and Robbie coming in for episodes that Frank’s ass was soon to be history. Why in the world would you change a good thing? Greedy greedy greedy. The only way this show survives is to bring Frank back in, give him a raise and see what happens. Come on Mike, give the little guy another chance…

  11. The saddest part of this is they basically spent half their lives together to throw that to the wind like it meant nothing is just Wrong Life is short. ✝️

  12. I know it has something to do with Mike. I have never really cared for Mike Wolfe. He is a different kind of person when you read between the lines. Wolfe was always trying to insult his Co host every chance he got. If you notice Mike was always willing to talk about Frank’s weight and he was always rude toward him. You can also see Frank is the stand up, down to earth kind of guy. I think Wolfe was a bit jealous of the attention Frank got from the public, who, I believe was more popular in the public opinion. I also think that they bumped heads a lot due to Wolfe’s attitude toward Frank Fritz. I am not the only one who believes this way. All you have to do is watch the show to see the constant insults Wolfe consistently throws at Frank Fritz.

  13. then there is the video mike says frank needs to get his drinking under control but their is danny d and the smherconnish video lol berrrrlysque

  14. Think we watched it for the chemistry –
    They would have been smarter to both ‘retire’ take a break & then return together

  15. In my country they play 2014 episodes so by the time it gets to a 2019/2020 episode it should be 5-6 years LOL. As for friends, I just ended a 28 year friendship with an old friend. Nothing lasts forever.

  16. Never felt right about frank ?
    There was just something not quite right about him , maybe that he had no wife , but he had a cat ( did he live with his aging mother ?)
    The FBI consider those signs , as the hall mark off a sicko or a serial killer !!
    Middle aged single man with a cat still living with mummy !!

  17. Crimany, you don’t call your longtime friend in two years!? No one is so rich as to throw away a friend.

  18. Poor little Frankie eaten by a lanky pair of wolves. Good luck Frankie I won’t be watching anymore 🇦🇺👍

  19. Mike stuck it to him….jackass. The show is not that good anymore…it’s like when they came out with new coke not as good as the original.

  20. A lot of us don’t miss Frank on American Pickers because I say Frank was cheating a lot of people with his so-called bundling and he really was more of person that took advantage of the people that he was getting things from. So do we miss him a lot of us do not he bundled and he was a very cheap skate. Nothing that is his buddy Mike did it was just the way that Frank did things and being Mike I think that would have upsetted me as well he was such a bungler and he cheated a lot of old people as well go back and look at some of the series that he did.

  21. I am glad he is gone. Frank seems like a weasel. He wasn’t concerned about fair deals he only wanted to get over on people

  22. I thing that FrItz the Drunk should get his own show …. I’m sure that if it weren’t for all the Boozing and 75 pounds of fat were not there , he would be a slim sober man !!

  23. This shitty show single handedly destroyed the HISTORY CHANNEL. It’s on ALL THE GOD DAMNED TIME Don’t care about your old crap, even a little.

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