We started marriage counseling…how we're really doing

We started marriage counseling…how we're really doing

Checking in with a weekly vlog to share what’s been going on behind the scenes. Marriage can be hard and it’s ok to get help ☟ CLICK FOR INTERNATIONAL LINKS ☟
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  1. i play these ambiance videos for my DOGS!! it calms them down sooooo much, especially in an apt setting where there are always triggering sounds all around

  2. In general Waldorf is a good choice. I love that the teachers are super engaged and skilled in natural childrearing and therefore able to create a loving, playful and durable community with the kids and parents. I love that they celebrate individual differences, but at the same time emphasise community. Having said all that, feel out the place. Every school has it’s own personality. Is the staff efficient, proactive, transparent. How do the children interact, what do your senses tell you? Is it an attractive environment, bright, enough space for the kids in class? I think this is more important then whether it’s a Waldorf school. Last thing. I brought my 4y old son with me when visiting schools and let him have a say too.

  3. I hope you find the school that feels right for Carter to be in. Big spelling words in Kindergarten sounds quite advanced…and from Carter’s initial reaction to school quite stressful as well.

  4. I wish we had a Waldorf school here. I was lucky enough to have a progressive public school and there weren’t screens in schools back then. In fact a lot of tech people send their children to Waldorf style schools because they know how much technology can impact a developing brain.

  5. Mercury Retrograde ended Oct 2nd, so all is well now. Lol! Magnesium I love, as it also helps me stay…um regular. 🙂
    Hoping the counseling goes well and we are rooting for your family! <3

  6. Thank u for sharing 💓 and your honesty never heard of spelling test in kdg. How about learning letters and sounds lol

  7. Yay!!!! My grandson ended up at a Montessori! Kindergarten there was about socializing being kind, and completely small task like putting shoes in cubby!!! Game changer for him!! Loves loves school!!!

  8. My oldest son had the worst time in Kindergartner, I literally cried daily. It was rough. They were pushing ADHD and all and I just kept at it. And I truly believe he was just too young and wasn’t ready. But I promise it gets so much better. If he’s not already in a sport, it can help so much with boys, and it’s the perfect time to start. Rasing kids is hard in marriage but it’s so worth it for the kids, if it can be possible. Much love to you and your family

  9. There is no such thing as perfect. We just all have to look in the mirror to know that..haa..haa…Constructive criticism is GREAT, we all need that in life. We do NOT want to hear how great life is, we NEED to hear the truth and then introspect on how to resolve our issues. As parents the hardest thing in life is being a great teacher, as we are always the first teacher in our kids lives. So often as parents we over-compensate with our kids and actually end up putting them in emotional wheel chairs, forgetting they grow up to be adults and what adult do we want our kids to be. Adults that can cope and function in normal society, an adult who can manage all types of relationships. Our kids may not end up being clones of ourselves, too often we project too much of us on them. We need to give them space to experience the not so good too, going to school is the not so good, not everything can go their way as what they are accustomed to at home, sometimes you need to let them experience trials and tribulations, as parents how you react to those trials and tribulations could exacerbate a perfectly normal experience. One of our school principles told us at a school gathering that problem kids have problem parents, yikes you can imagine that did not go down well with all the parents, but life is about learning right, so we step back and take some lessons 😀

  10. I’ve been wondering about Carter when you mentioned about the test and the loud noises. I think if there’s space and you can afford it he would love the Waldrof school 📚✏️🌳🦸

  11. Well at least you’re going BEFORE you filed for divorce. My ex called counseling “bullshit”, then we finally filed for divorce and he did “counseling” which was one visit with the counselor who said the marriage was broken. Well, duh! I just want to say your husband is so funny! Plus he’s a hunk!You have a beautiful home, you are in awesome shape. Your kids are so cute. I truly hope you work through your issues. The kids will be better off with you both together, provided you are civil with each other. It’s really hard on each party financially after a divorce. I don’t recommend it if you can remain in the marriage and are able to be nice to each other.

  12. I discovered cozy coffee shop last year and love putting them on in the background!! Some of them even have little scavenger hunts which are fun!!☺️I agree, they make me happy as well!🤗🤗

  13. Love your vlog style videos! And I do the same thing with the coffee shop jazz.. so blissful and relaxing. But seriously Brittany, please watch some YouTube tutorials and learn how to chop veggies. I’m scared for your fingers! 😣

  14. Def move schools. My son went to a preschool which was attached to a school similar to your sons school. We thankfully choose another school for him when he started kinder. Week ONE of his old school, the kids were getting 20 spelling word tests 🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️. By week 7 or 8 some of them were no joke having nervous breakdowns. Might be for some kids but way too much pressure too soon IMHO. Good luck with the Waldorf school. Sounds great!

  15. I went to a Waldorf school and LOVED it! I did preschool up to college between Australia and then England. I can highly recommend and I’ve heard great things about the San Diego Steiner/Waldorf school. Good luck! ❤

  16. Counseling has helped me with my anxiety and mental health so much! Greatly recommend I have had crazy things happen in my life since i started and i don’t think i would have been able to cope without my therapist.

  17. You don’t need couples counseling. As long as your discussions about money are respectful then it’s fine. No amount of couples therapy is going to create a marriage that doesn’t have recurring discussions that can be unpleasant. You cannot live with anyone for your entire life without having unpleasant or disagreeable discussions.

  18. My aunt gave me some great advice when it comes to any kind of therapist or counselor. If you don’t vibe the first time, go back and explain why you feel you didn’t click, if by the third time you aren’t on the same page, then you move on. Sometimes a therapist has an off day, read the situation wrong, or just didn’t understand what you were looking to get out of it at first. Once you make your intentions known and clear, then it’s easier to judge whether you are getting what you need.

  19. Yessss I have been obsessed with those cozy scenes since last winter. It’s been amazing every season including the summer ones ❤

  20. Young kids + a million responsibilities = TENSION
    Hang in there! On the other side and now, since the kids grew up and things slowed down, I really like my husband again 🙄

  21. Does your child have ADHD or autism like traits? It’s the sh0ts. Don’t let her gaslight you guys. Do not medicate the kid. Heal holistically.

  22. I love those ambience videos! I have several with fall/autumn & Halloween themes saved. Some have more moving animation than others. There are great Christmas ones too, if you celebrate. Beautiful Christmas trees with a fireplace going. A lot with snow falling. Rain or wind sounds. I have playlists for each theme… I really hope that you and Ryan can work out the differences that you have about spending money. 🙏🏻 I think that I’ve heard that money is the number one cause of couples to break up. You will each have to compromise.

  23. I have had marriage counseling and it was a horrible idea… I know of a friend who said the same thing.

    30 years later we are happily married.

  24. That is crazy a spelling test. Kindergarten I though was made for play for the kids to socialize with others learning colours, numbers, artistic play. Just wondering what we’re some of the words?

  25. I thought I was the only one binging on the coffee shop ambience videos, since last eyar I have been obsessed.

  26. Hi britt 💗 I love your videos 🥹
    As someone who struggled in school for being gifted as well now as an adult self taught through YouTube books free online courses and working as an independent contractor in my creative field in my early 20’s I highly suggest the school you spoke about for carter 🥰 school systems were developed to build a productive work force and keep the machine running and because we are in them through our entire development it really develops our minds as young adults and does not allow for our consciousness to expand beyond those 4 walls until we realise it and end up having to unlearn the hard way in the long run. You’re such an amazing mom and your love and creativity really shines so brightly and also onto your beautiful family 💗

  27. Brittany, be extremely careful about taking your children to see counseling professionals. Without exception, they ALL tend to label people and those labels will stay on your kids for their entire lives. This is a negative mark on your kids as they grow up. Also many of them do more damage than good. Please be careful. Also you sound super sped up and keyed up. Sounds like you might need down time or me time to unwind. The kids are gorgeous. Cant believe how fast they are growing! ❤

  28. Hope Carter is doing well. Glad you sought help instead of thinking it will pass. It is important to have a strong marriage to reflect healthy relationships onto your children. Do whatever you need to do to have that!! Thanks for sharing so that it may help someone else.

  29. Nice video, have been in such a situation and i love my woman and unfortunately we separated about two years ago, but i could not let her go, so i had to do all i could to get her back, i had to seek the help of a spiritual adviser who helped me bring her back, now we are back together, and i must say i am enjoying every moment of it, i could not let the love of my life go…..

  30. Kindy is a time for kids to play and absorb information, not have tests and things to achieve. Let him socialise, play with blocks, explore the sandpit and just learn to be around others and kind.

  31. Good for you for opening up about life. You and Ryan have a healthy outlook on counseling. It shouldn’t be taboo! It is like a tune-up for a relationship and we noticed issues the same way when our kids started imitating our tone of voice and phrases when talking to each other. They are always watching! And money is such a touchy issue with so many couples! Keep up the hard work! It pays off! Love the new segments in your show!

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