Webinar: How to Represent Yourself in Family Court

Webinar: How to Represent Yourself in Family Court

Billie Tarascio with Access Legal and Modern Law provides this free of charge webinar on how to represent yourself in family court. Whether you have a divorce, child custody, child support, or enforcement case, this webinar is for you. Learn more at http://accesslegaldocs.com/


  1. bottom feeder here. they just want your money and they know what they are doing isnt even right look up title 4d read it and learn child support isnt even enacted into law

  2. do grandparents have rights in California to have visitation rights of their grandchildren
    please answer because im told that I don’t by the absent parent

  3. I am due in court next month for an uncontested hearing, my husband is asking for a divorce.
    I want to contest it, what do I file and what am I to expect at the hearing ?
    I can’t find forms to fill out.
    Can I hire a look lawyer to help fill these forms out ?

  4. A man cannot REPRESENT himself, he can only PRESENT himself.
    Your name in all caps is not you, it is a LEGAL FICTION you have been tricked into believing is you. Seems most people have forgotten basic grammar and the correct way tk spell a proper noun.
    What is REPRESENT?

    To exhibit; to expose before the eyes. To represent a thing is to produce it publicly. Dig. 10, 4, 2, 3. To represent a person is to stand in his place ; to supply his place; to act as his sub- stitute. Plummer v. Brown, 04 Cal. 429, 1 Pac. 703; Solon v. Williamsburgh Sav. Bank, 35 Dun (N. Y.) 7.

    How can any man stand in place of himself?

  5. Attorneys do not work for you, they work on you… By dishing out big bills $$$, until all assets are gone, to them… then tell you lets make a deal… this is the best we can get!

  6. My ex received custody of my children in 2015 while I was in jail and I was never served or notified of anything. When I was released, it took me a month to re-establish myself and find a nice place and I brought the kids home for the weekends and all summer. Last year, my ex was arrested again for abusing his live in gf and was given 90 days for violating his parole. During that time, I filled a motion for a change in circumstance and he told his uncle, who has been the primary care taker of our kids since he received custody, not to allow me to have any contact with them. When he got out, his lawyer rescheduled the hearing once, then again the day before the reacheduled date. The judge signed as "continuance until later date". The next thing I received was a form stating I never returned a questionnaire or something. Plz help me. He’s given our 12 year old a tattoo, killed their puppy in front of them and is an extremely unstable person who has alienated me from my children. What can I do?

  7. It is hard to represent yourself especially if the opposing side has an attorney..the non judicial person or judge will usually give them the benefit of the doubt to them over you since they are in the same club..the American bar association..the theatrical show they put on is a criminal conspiracy to get you to agree to their terms which will be a profit for the attorneys n court appointed people..if they would only follow the laws which has been prescribed by the supreme court..there wouldn’t be so much corruption..the laws are not being followed and the ones who doesnt catch them committing the crimes by violating your civil rights and the laws of the land will always lose

  8. Access Legal can you post a video on how to request a legal court purges against my ex-husband for non payment of Alimony please 😔

  9. I am currently in the middle of a custody battle with my soon-to-be ex husbands mother.

    A little backstory about my situation.

    I live in Washington state

    My ex and I were in a domestic violence marriage where he controlled everything. Including myself.

    In 2016

    We were having issues within our marriage.
    My 3 boys were sent to his mothers house in Oregon. (Again against my wishes)
    So that way we could work on our marriage (dates, marriage counseling, etc)

    At this time there was a letter giving my ex’s mother medical permission ( so she could take the boys to the dr, emergency room, etc)

    A few months later there was a domestic disturbance between him and I in which my ex fled the scene before cops could arrive. The Sumner police department issued a no contact order against him to protect me from further violence.

    Shortly after I was notified that he not only fled the scene, but also the state. (he went to his mothers house where the boys were)

    Then the games began.

    After a few month of trying to figure my life out and what’s next. All while maintaining contact with his mother, I wanted my boys home.

    After contacting my ex’s mother and telling her I was ready to have the boys home, her response was inquisitive on why? Telling me that I wasn’t ready to be a mother and that she’s now “looking out for the best interests of my children”.

    Then the darkness happened.

    I was then blocked from contact on all social media.
    They changed there phone numbers.

    Which is considered parental alienation

    And then relocated without my knowledge or consent.

    Which is considered custodial interference (parental kidnapping)

    The search trying to relocate my boys for 3 years… and go to college to become a lawyer and representing myself in court.

    All of this happened in fall of 2016.

    In 2018
    After the grandmother relocated my boys. I started my search. I was getting zero help from local authorities or child protective services. So I did my own investigation.

    Using a mutual friends social media account, looking at posts and pictures online. Writing down any clues I could find. I zeroed in on their location.

    I went to the location and found my boys.

    However it’s now been 2 years. 2 YEARS!!!

    after being in the grandmothers care and residents of Oregon for more than 6 months. The state of Oregon now has jurisdiction.

    The grandmother relocated my boys again.

    In May and June of 2019
    I was able to get a few court ordered visits with my boys through a Washington state court. But ultimately it was 100% confirmed that Oregon has jurisdiction.

    On my last court ordered visit in june with my boys I was served papers while dropping them back off at the Clackamas Oregon police station.

    Since my last visit. There again has been no contact. I try to contact anyone via social media and I’m blocked right away.
    I messaged the great grandma (the grand mother’s mother) asking to talk to the boys in which I get nothing but rude and slanderous responses. Which again eventually led with being blocked.

    We had a court date today, January 10th 2020
    (The result of being served during my last visit)

    And since my ex has created an extensive criminal record in Oregon, he now currently has a warrant for his arrest therefore he didn’t show up to his own court case.

    However, his mother filed a motion to intervene.

    Pre trial hearing is set for April 3rd 2020
    Trial is June 4th 2020

    Im hoping to obtain a lawyer by then in hopes of bringing my kids home.
    I fear if His mother wins this case because I didn’t have proper representation.

    She will pack up, move and I will never see my boys again.

    Please help not make my nightmares a reality. Anything helps!

    Thank you very much for your time


  11. She says we represent ourselves…what a joke. What she is saying women get an attorney or representation for free as most men go in there and represent themselves.

  12. If you walk into a court with an attorney the court considers you incompetent. That’s why you have your attorney with you is so he or she can make all the decisions for you.

  13. 1) You PRESENT yourself! You are you, thus you can’t represent yourself.

    2) Child Support and Child support enforcement REQUIRES your consent. Consent is given by:
    A) Presumption, you didn’t object in writing and verbally.
    B) You didn’t challenge jurisdiction of the Child supports/enforcement. "Title IV-D "
    C) You made a general appearance. When requested to a hearing you must say in writing and in person, " I do not consent to this proceeding. I am not making a general appearance and I do not consent under any circumstances. You can then read the law and case law to the commissioner, magistrate, quasi-Judge.

    3) Is the person you see a judge? You should always ask that. Family court employees are; judges, quasi-Judge, magistrate, commissioners and deputy clerks and clerks. However every last one of these positions are void judgments in regards to money judgments.
    This is not an exhausted list for the things you need to study!

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  15. I am a pro-se ex-wife I represented myself in my divorce and I won Permanent Alimony and I want to thank Divorce and your Money 🤓🏦📃📑

  16. This is a trick she’s trained at the art of brainwashing never represent yourself in court any Court you present the person to the court never represent this bitch is a lying fraud don’t believe a word she says

  17. I think the biggest reason for reping our self is because of the fact that everyone knows you don’t want to be standing in front of a man acting like a judge and have him/her think your incompadent, which is how the court looks at a person who has their lawyer there making all there decisions. Not to mention the fact that prosecutor, judge,& your lawyer (private or public defender) all are members of the secret, private, members only club known as The American Bar Association. Speaking in legalese, with the contenous use for "fraudulent convaunce of language" I don’t trust lawyer myself

  18. So what happens when the Defendant in my case was evading being served by sheriffs for months and then I was later told that the Defendant in my case already filed for custody but just stopped proceeding with the process though I was still able to file into his case as the Defendant? What happens if the Petitioner does not appear in court? He’s been keeping our daughter from me since August 2020. Will the case just get dismissed? We have a case management and temporary custody hearing in 22 days. I don’t think he will show because he hasn’t submitted anything the judge ordered. He had until 1/1/21 to file. Non-married

  19. The pro se law clinic at the court house in the county is a big help. And one can go to the legal library usually in the city’s District Courthouse. The librarian there will help you much to find what book you need to study and you can video record the pages to read later. The motions must be prepared exact to the rules and procedures of that county court. To do this pro se, it takes a lot of reading and staying on top it.

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  21. What if the plaintiff is recorded admitting falsifying documentations ? What do I do to get this before the judge ?

  22. Need advice regarding false claims being brought up against me and lies told bout my character. It seems like accountability, truth, or evidence to know actual truth is even looked into. I’m fighting against a controlling women and need to know how truth can be seen. Reality would be great if just that could be seen truthfully. Tired of defending against a ghost that is not real

  23. How do I word my own emergancy custody form. I put temporary primary custody. Then in my paperwork I listed the reasons why. Drugs, neglect ect. Did I word it wrong?

  24. when I amend my supporting statement do my initial filing need to be repeated or is my amended added to my initial complaint

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