What are effects of divorce on children | Health And Nutrition

What are effects of divorce on children | Health And Nutrition

► Today, for many couples, divorce is the inevitable choice and also the easiest solution when the marriage comes to a dead-end. This is the reason why the divorce rate has been increasing in recent years.
When efforts to save a broken marriage all lead you to a divorce court, it is not divorce papers, not your future life or anything else, but·how your children face this divorce will concern you most.
Like a warning that you may hear from your divorce lawyer, divorce can affect all aspects in a child’s life from their childhood to adulthood, including emotional and mental health, behavior problems and academic performance.
► This video presents the psychological effects of divorce on children and parenting strategies to help kids adjust to the changes.
1. The first year after divorce
2. Emotional impact
3. Stressful events
4. Problems with remarriage
5. Mental health and behavior problems
6. Academic performance
7. Likelihood to take risks
8. Problems extending into adulthood
9. Strategies to help children adjust to a divorce.
10. Would it be better for the kids if you try to save your broken marriage?
11. When should you seek professional help for your child?

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