What Are The Cons Of Marriage Counseling?

What Are The Cons Of Marriage Counseling?

What Are The Cons Of Marriage Counseling?

If you’re struggling with your marriage (most of us have been there – at least once) then you have two options.

Ignore it and see if the problem sorts itself out (I think we can both guess how this usually works out) or do something about it. The problem is you can feel like you’re in a weird balancing act and by trying to address the problem you might make it worse.

That’s how I felt at least. And how a LOT of people I’ve worked with have felt like. You can see how I saved my marriage even though my wife really didn’t want to (at the time) here. It’s worth the read: http://marriage-professor.com/how-i-saved-my-marriage-even-when-my-spouse-didnt-want-to/

The biggest disadvantage to seeking marriage counseling that I personally experienced is that it’s an industry that relies on repeat customers to sustain. Much like online dating sites, marriage counseling is designed to keep you coming back for moreand spending

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More: https://youtu.be/KAi76yyub-E

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