WHAT HAPPENS IN MARRIAGE COUNSELLING ? शादी की काउंसलिंग मे क्या होता है?

WHAT HAPPENS IN MARRIAGE COUNSELLING ? शादी की काउंसलिंग मे क्या होता है?

Couple counselling. Family therapy . Marriage counselling. Marriage therapy
Relationship Counselling. How does couple’s counselling work ? Why is marriage counselling effective? why is counselling by a psychologist better than counselling by family?What happens in couple counselling ?What is the cost of couple counselling ? How many session are required in couple counselling ?

Breakup .Divorce. Shadi ko kaise bachaa sakte hai ?Online relationship counselling ? Marriage counsellor.


  1. Mam meri shadi lagbhag tut chuki mere husband mujhse bilkul achce se baat nahi karte me counsling le rahi hu but mere husband counsiling nahi le rahe na hi lena chahte hai but me apni shadi bachana chahti hu meri beti jo adopted hai usk liye so mujhe kya karna chahiye agar vo counsiling nahi le rahe

  2. Ma’m…..what to do my husband not ready to do a job, waiting to sell property to start a business on own,but that too not materialising…we r dependent on in laws…which I am not Happy,he is not denying his fault but not seeing an alternative also😞 plzzzzzz suggest

  3. Very good presentation as always
    In India people don’t accept the idea of going to a counsellor
    I think husband and wife should periodically visit the counsellor .
    As we need Family Doctor similarly we need a Family Counsellor.
    So that the relationship can be saved at the initial stage ie before it gets worst
    In some other module you can give a list of the primary reasons though there are ‘n’ number of reasons.

  4. Hi ma’am, I am looking for a help to save my marriage, my wife has filed a mutual consent divorce although I am not ready to leave her. I have made mistakes due to which she is angry and does not want to continue this marriage. I have been trying to communicate with her but she has been refusing to talk. All I am looking out for the reasons for this separation so that I can work upon them.. please assist

  5. Plz mam help me .me apni wife se bohot pyar karta hu or me usko chorna nhi cahta .wo bar bar bolti hai me tumhe chor dugi.kya kru mam .kya me aapse bat kar sakta hu plz mam.

  6. Thanks you Madam ji, your husband & Wife counseling is very effective this morning listen this video i so many things learning us. May God bless you abundantly even though days come God will use mighty way.

  7. Very nice
    I just want to ask that if the male is adamant that he wants to end …. n not listening to anyone … can we save the marriage or wat to do

  8. आदरणीय मैडम जी मेरी शादी पूरी गृहस्ती बर्बाद हो चुकी है सर हमारी अर्धांगिनी 7से8 महीनों से मायके में रह रही है इस बीच हमारी बुआ जी और हमारे चाचा जी साडे 3 महीने 4 महीने के अंतराल से एक्सपायर हो चुके हैं वह दोनों गमियों में भी नहीं आए और सुनने में यह आता है कि वह तो कहीं दूसरी जगह शादी करेंगे लड़की को दूसरी जगह बिटायेंगे या भेजेंगे और उसका भी मन नहीं दिखता वापस आने का
    " मैं फिर भी चाहता हूं कि मेरी शादी बच जाए "
    जबकि मेरे ससुराल पक्ष से एक भी व्यक्ति नहीं चाहता कि वह मेरे साथ रहे !
    क्या मेरी शादी बच सकती है ?
    क्या मेरी पत्नी विवेक से काम ले कर अपनी सादी (टूटा हुए घर) को बचा सकती है

  9. Hello Mayurika mam your videos very helpful and beautiful topics I got married only last month and I live with my husband and his parents in their house. I have a question for you. How to deal with dominating mother in law ?

  10. Sorry Mam I don’t agree with you when you said one partner is feeling irritated and is angry in some situations then we should take it easy..we can take it easy once twice but if this chid chida pan becomes a habit then it has to be dealt with …a wife nagging and showing her frustrations on her husband every other day is torture…

  11. Madam please provide me number or address of councillor who can save the marriage . My sister is having trouble with marriage, please help , need practical advice

  12. मेरा भी Divorce रोकना है मुझे मेरी wife को वापस लाना हे पर वोतो किसी और के साथ रहती है। मैने भी कॉनसली ग कि अर्जी की थी पर four month दो गया अभी तक एकभी तारीख नही हुयी

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