1. Sometimes I don’t get why they make it so sad I’ve lived with separated parents all my life and it just kind of hurts to see everyone making it sound like it’s a problem I do get some people have these experiences but everyone just sees it as a bad thing when sometimes it isn’t

  2. My parents are and my dad has a hole new family he got one in like 5 days it’s so hard being with my friends because all of them have there dads and I don’t I also don’t travel to house to house because he lives 5hours away he was smoking a lot and was having Affairs it’s hard

  3. my parents use to call me brainwashed by the other for loving them both and using what I said about the other as a weapon in court. They divorced when I was 4 and left court when I was 16.

  4. this isn’t what happens to me my dad was abusive and tried to kill me everytime we went swimming so I don’t see him that often and he only ever ask for us to come for our birthdays or Christmas

  5. My parents are divorced and I really like it because I really like being with my mom she’s super supportive of everything and positive and my dad is the exact opposite so I just try to remember it’s not all bad

  6. also you could never enjoy holidays like christmas or your birthday because they always wanted you to be with them. It felt like you were always trying to please them.

  7. I can relate some of this my parents aren’t divorced but they always fight, throw food and stuffs…and always shout….its really toxic…my father say you are just like your mother and my mother say you are just like your father…😢

  8. My parents are divorced and once I had to charge my laptop at school and the teacher asked what i was doing so I had to awkwardly explain that because my parents are divorced i cant always bring my charger everywhere and that this was my brothers he looked at me a like he was shocked and then said “ get your life together”

  9. The “ your just like your dad” I haven’t heard that bc I don’t argue with my mom it’s my dad I argue with he is so freaking controlling and I honestly kind of hate him for that he grounded me but he is like 1,400 miles away and my mom doesn’t care so I’m not grounded lol but she doesn’t care bc I was sticking up for myself and that’s why I was grounded by him but it sucks when this happens

  10. I’ve been through that pain you know that feeling when you’re parents argue and then you try to stop the fight but you can because you break down crying or atleast do something well that’s me for the past 5 years my parents relationship has just been over it’s the same shit everyday my parents aren’t meant for each other my dad pouring voldka over me trying to kill my mom it’s just a normal thing for me to see today my mom told me she wants a divorce I stared balling a whole lake I just wasn’t happy I can’t even deal with this my friends calling me a liar and the oh your just like your dad hurts the worst almost everyone I meet is like "omg you’re just like your dad" .I will start balling so hard that I can’t even focus I’ll be going to court with my parents next week idk why it’s too much for me to handle but wish me luck byee

  11. Mine are getting divorced soon by seeing the things going on in the house tonight it was a big fight my mother warned me that the time is close. Idk what to do right now. And looking at myself idk what will happen to me

  12. Sometimes I’m glad my parents don’t live together anymore if they still did they would be arguing all the time

  13. My parents have been divorced for 3yrs i have just watched this balling with tears i want to kill myself its never got easier

  14. This hurt bc my parents are going through divorce and we are trying to figure out custody and it’s been so hard I’m used to be with my mom all the time my mom was always there most for me and I now will get to see her every other week and idk what in gonna do its just so hard and I rlly wish this never had to happen :((

  15. My parents got divorced 5 years ago when i was 7 and im always switching between houses my parents dont argue when they see eachother anymore but i dont know why it took me so long to realize… they are not getting back together and my family will always be split in half

  16. I think the most accurate is the "your just like your dad" its gotten to point where ie even told my mom i dont like bing compared to him and she still does it

  17. I found out my parents are getting a divorce 5 days ago. On august 5, 2022. These past few days have been the worst days of my life.

  18. Yes I have divorced parents and sometimes I really need help… This video is 100% true. „You are just like your dad” or „just go live with your dad all the time” hurts the most… Thanks for making this video, I feel that I’m not alone. Love everybody that have divorced parents, you are the strongest persons in the world <333

  19. Plus heeelp😭 my parents are divorcing i mean live they had a fight at my grand-parents and it’s all because of me and my brother cause we were fighting and my Aunts got involved and they started screaming and accusons my mom altho all she did was stand there …. 😭😭😭my poor mom she’s already had enough, she cant go see her parents and litterrally gets treated like a peasent and i know my dad just doesnt like her anymore 😭😭besides he said that or was gonna happen at some point…

  20. I think the thing that hurts me alot is not being able to do a lot of the things other people my age do. I cant walk to school every day because my dads house is too far. My room is ugly because i live at my grandmas house becuase me dad is struggling. I cant look forward to going home and just realxing, there is always something im avoiding at home and I cant have some things beacuse they are expensive and I have two houses. sorry im just having a crappy day and i needed something to vent to ig

  21. and then people say we’re lucky for having two christmas’s or two birthdays, but the funny thing is you can’t celebrate it with your family or it’ll just turn into an argument about which parent is better and which one bought the best gifts

  22. Its so sad that they dont live together but its better because they dont fight. The worst is when my mom says bad thing about my dad in fron of me

  23. My parents complain about eachother to me. Like my dad would say to me " I can’t belive your mom did that!" Vise versa

  24. Don’t gotta worry about divorced parents when they were never married and your dad uses you as a relationship councilor when he is here
    Not that I know what that’s like it’s just-

  25. Same but my parents didn’t get married so they aren’t rlly divorced but I get it, rn they are fighting on the phone for the second time

  26. Yeah I have divorced parents and it’s taken a toll on me half the time I’m up late crying thinking it’s my fault or some other issues (the cause could be my adhd or anxiety) but it’s still an issue of mine I refuse to go to therapy because it doesn’t help me. I’ve been listening to a TON of character comfort it’s the only thing that’s helping me through this very tough time.

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